Getting back on the horse

Back in April I posted a chart I was keeping with my progress, and in that thread I wondered “what the plot would look like if I stopped doing reviews for a while”. Well, now I know:

There have been many posts about people recovering from long review back-logs. But since I have some data about this, I thought I’d post this here so people have a better picture of what it’s like.

First, some numbers: the lull lasted for about 100 days, between August 12th and November 15th. I stopped doing reviews (without really thinking about it) around day 209, and by day 303 I had just over 2400 reviews piled up. At that time, I had unlocked 4130 items, out of which 936 were burned, and things looked like the first row of this table:

Day-by-day progress table
Date Day Apprentice Guru Master Enlightened Burned
2017-11-14 303 160 324 477 2233 936
2017-11-15 304 182 357 436 2049 1106
2017-11-16 305 207 415 366 1809 1333
2017-11-17 306 243 454 306 1624 1503
2017-11-18 307 257 507 266 1410 1690
2017-11-19 308 255 543 236 1305 1791
2017-11-20 309 255 543 236 1305 1791
2017-11-21 310 247 615 182 1115 1971
2017-11-22 311 228 689 139 976 2098
2017-11-23 312 202 754 105 782 2287

I set out to do about 350 reviews per day (although some times I did fewer). I would space them out when I felt tired, but I figured that’s what I did on busy days before stopping, so it didn’t seem too bad.

On these reviews, my accuracy was pretty much stuck at around 66%, which explains the huge increase of Apprentice and Guru items as the ones I got wrong (particularly those that were coming in for a burn) got bumped back. Still, I managed to burn 1351 items in 9 days, which is not bad.

It took me 9 days to get through my review pile, and on the 10th day I started adding the items that were remaining on my level 27 lesson queue. On day 15, after 110 days and 3 hours, I actually finished level 27.

From now, I hope it’s all smooth sailing.


Sacrificing yourself for the greater good and newly discovered common knowledge… nice.


Happy to help :slight_smile:

That damned horse…At least you caught it. I assume you severely scolded it so it never runs away again? My horse just can’t seem to learn. No matter how many graphs and bar charts I show it, nothing sticks. Throw a few carrots to the side of the path, and it is gone in an instant. (as a side note, I could definitely see that image as being some new form of modern art)


I need to get back on the horse. I’ve let me reviews pile up to about 1700 now. I stopped around mid-July. I think 66% is very impressive given the length of time you were away.

I hit the reset button a few months ago. They sent a confirmation email that essentially dissuaded me from doing it (the kanji is in there somewhere, something to that effect) so I decided I would power back through. I really need to make it a priority again.

I ended up resetting, and while i’m nowhere near the 7-8 day levels I was comfortably at the first time, I am actually going back in on a (nearly) daily basis and doing my reviews, which I’m hoping I can continue. Slow and steady is not my usual method, but I’m hoping to stick with it.

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