Getting a vocabulary right after a kanji

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I have encountered this a few times now, so I was wondering what others do in this case.

Sometimes a kanji has a reading or meaning that is the same for the singular vocabulary item for that kanji. An example, the kanji for thread (糸) has the same reading of いと as the vocabulary for thread. I learned that vocabulary probably 3.5 days after learning that kanji.

A few days ago I got the reading for thread wrong, and it got sent back to Guru 2. Bummer, but oh well. Now today I received the vocabulary for thread, and without thinking I typed in the reading of いと. However, the SRS interval it was testing for was 4 months, and I actually got an SRS interval of 3.5 days on that item instead. Furthermore, if I were to have had the review for the vocabulary of thread before the review for the kanji I would have had it wrong instead of the kanji.

To summarize, am I allowed to burn that vocabulary, as I will know that vocabulary anyway once I burn the kanji version of the review item? Or is it better to also fail this item on purpose, since the SRS interval is unfair.

Also taking it even further, if you don’t know the reading of a kanji A required in a vocabulary B, and you get kanji A in your review list before vocabulary B, then is it fair to count that vocabulary B as something you would have known?

I’d love to hear your take on this. :blush:

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This is what I do. You’ll still be reviewing it, so I don’t think it’s a big deal to burn the vocab version.


There’s no easy/practical way to fix this. Imo, you’ll be doing thousands of reviews throughout your path to fluency… So if you later on realize you don’t know an item, you can just unburn it/add it to another SRS platform :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll just let it be burned and use the self-study quiz and burn review userscript to see if those burned items really stuck.

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