Get rid of basic vocab!

I am an intermittent WK-user but regular Japanese-studier. I finally got my reviews down from 1500+ and am excited to start learning new kanji again! But now my lessons are filled with all the basic vocab WK has added, like はい and 生ビール. Is there a way to get rid of these?? They are a waste of time at this point and I just want to learn the kanji/vocab relevant to my level! Is there a script to get rid of them, or any way to opt out?


I’m one of the biggest critics of the kana only vocab, but I wouldn’t call that a basic vocab, in fact, since its addition it’s really cemented the use of 生 as raw/unrefined in my head.

The rest of your criticisms I agree with.


just mark as correct everytime and they will disappear quickly

I always mark radicals like this and they dont bother me.


I use the tsurukame app through the flight test app and there is a setting to filter out kana only vocabulary. If it wasn’t for the developer of that app I would have quit WaniKani.

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I think you would need to install/use a custom script for that?

A similar way to just fly past them is to add a place holder synonym for them (e.g. xx) as they come up.

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It’s annoying, but you can add synonyms for each of these for something simple like “s” (or “fu”, which is what I prefer, because it makes me feel slightly better). Then any time you see kana you can just “fu”.

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many brilliant hacks here, thanks! i’m still annoyed on principle but these are workable solutions :slight_smile:

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If they are so basic just give the correct answer. It’s typing one word, like five seconds max.