Genki Study Buddies - 「皆さんはGenkiを勉強しています」

Joining back in. I’m finishing up 元気2第13課 at the moment. Been posting my answers on Lang-8. Here’s my account if anyone wants to join in the fun:

I’m not following a regular pattern of study and posting, because my schedule doesn’t allow it. But I do try to post reasonably regularly.

In relation to the sentence about the movie: in the second example you gave I think (in my un-expert knowledge) that what you’re saying is “yesterday, I watched a movie that was interesting”, where the “was” implies that the movie is no longer interesting, but I think the rest of the sentence’s grammar would have to be changed to be correct and clear. An equivalent in English would be like saying “yesterday I watched a was interesting movie”

Also, do you have the workbook for Genki? My order now is dialogue + vocab + grammar reading --> workbook exercises --> textbook practice exercises --> kanji stuff. I find that the workbook exercises are a nice bridge between straight drilling and the textbook’s exercises, because they involve a bit of application. I also try not to refer back to the grammar points when doing the main book exercises, but when I’m on the workbook I specifically open the textbook to the corresponding grammar point for regular referral.

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Don has made a conjugation drill website.
Search it in the API section. : D
I believe it has options for adjectives.

So you’re good on the simple sentences, now?
[noun]は[adj.] where [adj.] is conjugated for past/present and affirmative/negative

And then the question is about whether you would conjugate an adjective modifying a noun? It looks to me like in this chapter only present-affirmative adjectives are used to modify a noun:
[adj., present, affirmative][noun]
And then the modified noun can be used anywhere, just like in your example きのう、おもしろいえいがをみました。

If there’s more conjugation that can happen to the modifying adjective, I guess we’ll just have to wait to learn it later…

Also, after reading a grammar dictionary I think I understant those Tae Kim examples a little better. In those examples, everything before 人 is a full sentence in plain form, which means that it modifies the noun immediately following, so the whole thing is a modified noun that can be plugged in wherever a noun can go.
Ex. 魚が好きな人はたこ焼きを食べました。(さかながすきなひとはたこやきをたべました。)
The person who likes fish ate takoyaki.
The person who doesn’t like fish ate okonomiyaki.

Not sure if you would really ever use the other forms listed there… Maybe if you wanted to say something like “The person who did not like fish when they were a child now loves salmon.”

Fun with grammar :laughing:

Here’s Don’s conjugation site:

It’s not the most intuitive, but it’s good practice nonetheless.

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I finally think I got the chapter five conjugation patterns down, and I’ve been stuck on CH 6 for weeks now. I recently went on vacation so I think I have somewhere north of 200 reviews to do for WK as well @@. I forgot to put it on vacation mode, certain that I would be diligent enough to get through my reviews during vacation. What I didn’t account for was 0 signal and no wifi ><. Such a kick in the butt.

SO, now I am feeling super discouraged. Ch 6 is stressing me out because for some reason I am just not remembering the vocabulary. So, you really can’t conjugate words you can’t remember. I have been reviewing and reviewing, I have ANKI which I can’t seem to get used to and the Genki Apps which I do like, but ugh! I think part of my problem is I am using the old audio, so my husband just bought me a new second edition textbook so I can have the CD. I’m excited for it to arrive.

Next Monday will begin a new week and I plan to get cracking! Can you tell me, how much of your time to do you devote to vocab review? And what methods work best for you? I made myself flashcards a decade ago before we had fancy apps and such, and I guess that seems to be my method thus far. I wish there was a WK version of Genki though!

One day… one day eto eto will come.

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Well, for vocabulary from Genki at least, there is Hinekidori’s G-Anki deck I’ve linked in my OP up top…

It’s even skinned to look like (and have the same SRS) as WK.

I made this after seeing it written on this YouTube video:

For anybody who might be having a hard time :slight_smile: (colors help me a lot!)


I’m using, I learn a lesson, then get drilled on it. And after every 5 lessons or so, there’s a 50 question quiz. You can skip right to the grammar you need, and specify how many drills you want on each term (default is 5). I find it gives me great reading and listening practice and the drills make sure I practice what I learn. Want extra practice on specific vocab or kanji? You can add it to your drills at any time. I like that I can go at any pace, and get quizzed on so many different things.

Right now they are working on their Advanced Classroom which covers N3, so it’s great for beginners and intermediates in learning Japanese. They are constantly improving and adding to the site, so I hope that by the time I do reach the Advanced Classroom, they will be working on N2/N1 content. :slight_smile:

I have all the Genki books, but I prefer to learn online with SRS drills and other motivational features.

The colour coding is a really nice visual! I’ve been doing all my notes in black… (I have this one random super fine black felt pen that’s just great for kanji, as it gives just a bit of dimension to strokes and stuff… Instead of the 0 a ballpoint or any mechanical pencil would give. Not even sure where it came from…)

Hi, I bought Genki the other day and just finished chapter 3.
It doesn’t look like I’ll learn many new things from the book, but I like the explanations for all the grammar points. I look forward to finishing it and buying the second book.

I deeply apologize to everyone in this thread, actually getting to play games has been awful for my Japanese lately, I’ve been trying to bumb rush through persona 5 so I’ve been spending most of my time trying to get through that game so I can finish it before I don’t have time to play it and I’ve let other things suffer. I’m going to attempt to get Japanese caught up tonight, and hopefully get back on the bandwagon from there. Wish me luck.

Hey, no need to apologize to us. You need time for things like personal enjoyment. It’s a fact.
If you’re no longer on your own timeline for your goals, the only one you need to apologize to is yourself… whether it’s your strict Japanese-learning self to the side of you who needs time to have fun, or to your Japanese learning self from the side of you who did so for slacking on your studies… or perhaps both of you can meet in the middle.

I hope you’re able to find a better balance.


I’m just curious if you did/didn’t look ahead at the table of contents/flip through to see what it did and didn’t cover before purchasing.
The thrifty poor person in me (okay, so just me) is sad that you bought something you might have very little or no use for. : (

I ended up hitting the reset button, when I didn’t even recognize any of the items that were popping up in my list of reviews, and I checked the stats site to find that this level has so far taken more time than all of my other levels combined, (Including the level where I went on vacation mode for like 2 weeks), I decided I had buried myself to the point I might as well start over. I believe in working through the messes you make for yourself, but it seemed counter productive to struggle with this stuff when I know that I’ve forgotten things much more basic than what I was working on. Just kinda put myself in a bad mood.

Here’s to working smarter to hopefully never have that happen again.

It sounds like you learned your lesson and will be able to handle it better this time around. Also, because you’ve studied it before, hopefully that level (or levels) of stuff will stick easier this time.
How far back did you end up resetting yourself?

Just went back to 1, the first few levels go by really quick, and I should be able to advance really quickly, so I’ll be back where I was pretty quickly I think. I really don’t know what I forgot/didn’t forget so I wanted to be thorough and not skip something important because I got cocky and thinking I know something I have forgotten.

Feels bad.

Oh, because to me it looks like you’re still level 12. So I’m greatly confused.
Also don’t feel bad. Many people reset themselves.