Genki I with Kanji! (Lesson 3, MIT OCW)

Thanks for sharing! :grin:

This will be good review for me. Thanks for sharing this!

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She’s really great! I watch her stuff almost everyday and always pick up something new. So detailed and easy to understand.


I was also impressed when she said that she taught herself English. Her pronunciation of BE is very good, and she uses lots of English idioms while explaining Japanese grammar.


Off-topic: I love your David Sedaris avatar :grin:


Thanks for sharing! What a great resource - going to use it while working my way thorugh the Genki books :blush:

If we do a thread, I’d be interested in that, too :wink:

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I am slow at getting things started but once I do I will update this thread ^^

I’m also interested in this! I’m working my way through Genki I right now but would really appreciate some extra worksheets and help with particles and verbs :slight_smile: Commenting so that i"ll be notified when you do get around to it. Thank you so much for posting this resource!

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元気 1 第1課

(If you see any mistakes in the worksheet please let me know!)

Worksheet #1

Please place your answer in ‘Hidden Text’

Write the following questions in Japanese:

  1. What time is it now?
  2. What time is it now in Tokyo?
  3. (What is) your name?
  4. (What is) your teacher’s name?
  5. Are you a student?
  6. Is Ms. Lee an international student?
  7. What year are you (in college)?
  8. What year is Mr. Suzuki ( in college)?
  9. Is Mr. Tanaka a sophomore?
  10. How old are you?
  11. How old is Mr. Takahashi
  12. Is Ms. Yamada 19 years old?
  13. What is your phone number?
  14. What is Professor Yamashia’s phone number?
  15. What is your major?
  16. Is Mr. Satoo’s major economics?
  17. Are you American?
  18. Is Mr. Chen Chinese?
  19. What is your occupation?
  20. Is Ms. Itoo’s father a lawyer?
  21. Is Mr. Smith’s friend a graduate students of the University of London?
  22. Where are you from?
Worksheet #1 Answers
  1. 今何時ですか。
  2. 東京は今何時ですか。
  3. お名前は?
  4. 先生のお名前は?
  5. 学生ですか。
  6. リーさんは留学生ですか。
  7. 何年生ですか。
  8. 鈴木さんは何年生ですか。
  9. 田中さんは2年生ですか。
  10. 何才ですか。
  11. 高橋さんは何才ですか。/高橋さんはおいくつですか。
  12. 山田さんは19才ですか。
  13. 電話番号は何番ですか。
  14. 山下先 生の電話番号は何番ですか。
  15. 専攻は何ですか。
  16. 佐藤さんの専 攻は経 済ですか。
  17. アメリカ 人ですか。
  18. チェンさんは 中国人ですか。
  19. 仕事は何ですか。
  20. 伊藤さんのお父さんは弁護士ですか。
  21. スミスさんの友達はロンドン大学の大学院生ですか。
  22. ご出身は?
My answers! ✍️

1 今何時ですか
2 今東京で何時ですか
Does time or place go first? Is de correct?
3 名前は?
4 先生の名前は?
5 学生ですか。
6 リーさんは留学生ですか。
7 何年生ですか。
8 スズキさんは何年生ですか。
9 タナカさんは二年生ですか。
10 何才ですか。
11 タカハシさんは何才ですか。
12 ヤマださんは十九さいですか。???
13 電話番号は何ですか。
14 やマシア先生の電話番号は何ですか。
15 選考は何ですか。
16 サトオさんの選考はeconomicsですか。
17 米国人ですか。
18 チェンさんは中国人ですか。
19 仕事はなんでづか。
20 イトオさんのお父さんはlawyerですか。
21 スミスさんの友達はロンドン大学の大学院生ですか。
OMG I’m happy I remembered graduate student based on the WK mnemonic for institution. :open_mouth:
22 SHUSHINNは何ですか。

Oh man that took longer than I thought :tired_face:

Incorrect answers

2 Place comes first with particle wa
3 & 4 Missing honorific O
13 & 14 Nanban not nan
15 & 16. Wrong kanji for major
16 Incorrect vocab
20 Incorrect vocab
22 Wrong kanji

this is great! i’ll return to this thread when i’m slightly further along.

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First of all, massive thanks to @Jun-ko for making us all aware of this amazing resource!

Second of all, I am a total potato and am sitting here with the extracted zip files from the MIT OCW download and I cannot figure out how to organise them by… lesson, I guess? Has anyone actually worked through the various links / PDF’s in the zip file and figured out how they all fit together? I have both the Genki 1 and 2 books (including all the workbooks, CD’s, etc) but I’m just being a bit of a stoopids and not being able to link it all up…

Any help would be greatly appreciated ^^

Arigatou WaniFriends!


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In the zip file, there is a file with a web browser icon that says Start. This is so that you can use the files offline. Once you click that it will re-open the website but from your computer files :slight_smile: Then, click on Online Resources and choose what Genki lesson you would like to start working on (Lessons 1-6 available for this course). I’m posting Lesson 1 this week for people on the go who want to work from their mobiles.

Let me know if the above still doesn’t work! Sometimes, even if you can access the files from the zip, you have to formally extract the zip so that your computer can recognize the Start file.

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Thx! Does David Sedaris use this image? It’s a painting by Vincent Van Gough that I really love.


David Sedaris and Vincent van Gogh, two very different people, both geniuses.


Ah sorry, yes he uses it as his cover for When You are Engulfed in Flames. I didn’t know Van Gough painted it.

But if you don’t know about David Sedaris I highly suggest his Me Talk Pretty One Day essay on learning Japanese. It is so funny and relatable :heart:

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I’m a bit behind on his books, but I definitely always listen to Santaland Diaries during Xmas :laughing:

I like him a lot, though I haven’t read his stuff in quite a few years.

Also, I failed to notice it mentions his use of the image on the Wiki page :nerd_face:

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I see why Sedaris used it after reading the Wiki, it has similar humor to his type of writing. Thanks for letting me know :laughing:

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Yeah he has so many books out, but I’m always pleasantly surprised when I remember him and decide to read one of his new memoirs. ^^

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