Genki I with Kanji! (Lesson 3, MIT OCW)

Lesson 1 and 2 SUPER WORKSHEET

Situational Use

What would you say in the following situation?

  1. A colleague is holding a wrapped package. Find out what it is.
  2. Ask the salesclerk how much the bicycle is over there.
  3. Ask a stranger where the post office is.
  4. At a restaurant, ask for a menu.
  5. You found a wallet in the classroom. Find out whose wallet it is that you are holding.
  6. A student you first met said his major is history. Tell him that Mr. Suzuki’s major is American history, too.
  7. You are asked if you are a high school student. Tell the person that you are not a high school student, and that you are a freshman of London University.
  8. You noticed something was left at the door. Ask Prof. Tanaka if that item over there is not his umbrella.
  9. Comment, assuming agreement, that this vegetable is delicious.
  10. You are working part-time at a store. Welcome a customer.
  11. The salesclerk mentioned that the computer over there is 98000-yen, although the price tag says 198000-yen. Ask him if that computer over there is not 198000-yen (“Isn’t that computer over there 198,000-yen?”)
  12. Your colleague is looking for a dictionary. Offer him a dictionary near you.
  13. Tell a colleague that Mr. Lee’s father is not Korean.
  14. You are looking at a student photo with your colleague. Ask him which student is Takashi’s older sister.
  15. Your colleague took you to his favorite steak restaurant. At the restaurant, ask him which meat is delicious.
  16. At the store, ask the price of a hat near the sales person.
  17. Your colleague thinks Prof. Smith is British. Tell her that Prof. Smith is not British. Inform her that Prof. Rose is not British, either.
  18. Inform a guest that restroom is over there.
  19. You are checking on prices at a store. Confirm that the watch near you is 6870-yen.
  20. You are looking at bicycles in front of the library. Ask your acquaintance, Ms. Tanaka, which one is his.
  21. At the store, tell the sale person that you want to buy this pencil you are holding.
1. それはなんですか。
2. あの自転車はいくらですか。
3. すみません、郵便局はどこですか。
4. すみません、メニューをお願いします。
5. これはだれのさいふですか。
6. スズキさんの専攻もアメリカンの歴史です(よ)。
7. 私は高校生じゃありません/ないです。ロンド大学の一年生です。
8. あれは田中先生の傘じゃありませんか/ないですか。
9. この野菜は美味しいですねえ。
10. いらっしゃいませ。
11. あのコンピューターは198000円じゃありませんか/ないですか。
12. この辞書をどうぞ。
13. リーさんのお父さんは韓国人じゃありませんよ/ないですよ。
14. どの学生がタカシさんのお姉さんですか。
15. どの肉が美味しいですか。
16. その帽子はいくらですか。
17. スミス先生はイギリス人はじゃありません。ローズ先生もイギリス人じゃありません/ないです。
18. トイレはあそこです。
19. この時計は6870円ですね。
20. 田中さんの自転車はどれですか。
21. この鉛筆を下さい。/この鉛筆をお願いします。