Genki I Listening Practice

Any japanese tv shows on Crunchyroll anyone recommends I watch for listening exposure while studying Genki I?

I would say you can’t go wrong with any slice of life, since they will often use common day to day vocab. Might find it boring, however.
Sci-fi, medieval, action and some of the niche anime tend to use more uncommon words and phrases that you wouldn’t hear that often, if at all, in real life.

Some of the simpler videos on the NHK for School site are probably okay for pairing with Genki I. Plus, they have transcripts attached, so you can check if what you thought you heard was right.

I can’t vouch that this specifically is going to be good practice for you, but this is vaguely the kind of thing I mean.


I knew of NHK easy but not that one. Bookmarked, thank you :+1:

Just remember that even slice of life anime will contain caricatures to some extent.

Although my suggestion are more active listening… I will suggest these videos and books!

These are a series of listening books “Everyday Listening”. There are 6 books (2 Beginner, 2 intermediate and 2 intermediate/advanced). I’m currently using the first intermediate book and it is using some grammar in chapter 8 of Tobira (an intermediate book)

Also there are lot of listening video free on youtube.

There is this site that this based on the Genki textbook lessons

Also there is this site too.


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