Genki grammar points practice

It seems that something similar has been done before but the topic seems to be closed now. I was thinking about practicing the Genki grammar points in little stories, conversations or sentences here and marking the participations with the numbers of our level, for example Genki 1 chapter 4 in order to let others know if they should be able to read it. Maybe we could share resources or tips… This are just ideas to start somewhere, if you have other ideas please share them :smiley:

(It´s my first time making a topic here in the forums so if there´s something wrong I´ll correct it as fast as I can)


Heya, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Something you might like is Bunpro. It is kind of like wanikani, but for grammar.
It allows you to select a grammar book, so you can use it alongside your workbook.

It contains all kinds of example sentences for different nuances and special cases, and shows you extra reading and watching material for each grammar point you want to learn. Doing a review means being presented with a Japanese sentence with some holes, its English translation, and some hints regarding nuance and formality.

Have a look!


I just subscribed to BunPro the other day and I definitely recommend it!


Thanks for your reply! I already knew about Bunpro but was not very interested before, I´ll check it now. What I was thinking about was something like this thread

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Sounds interesting. You might have linked to that thread, so people could get a clearer idea in the OP. In any case, I don’t use Genki, but there are a fair few here that do. Good luck!

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