Genki 2 Study Group

Yeah I echo what Soggy said! I’m happy to carry on talking about the various grammar points, study methods or whatever. Or just complaining about くれる、もらう、あげる、etc. :laughing:
Everything up until where I’m at, like chapter 19, has been super useful. Well worth it!


Ok, I was a little unsure about whether I would find the exact usage of ように from chapter 22, because there seem to be so many different ように’s and ような’s out there, but here it is in HP!



Thoughts on the chapter 22 grammar points:

  • causative sentences
    This is another one where I’m like wait, does the に point to the giver or the receiver of the action :thinking: I need to look out for it in reading and then study the sentences when it appears, I think.
  • verb stem + なさい
  • The ば conditional
    Hilarious that they taught this after teaching ばよかった four chapters earlier.
  • のに
    Knew this one because I’ve looked it up a lot while reading
  • のように
    When I watched Andy’s video, I was like gee, there are so many よう constructions, how will I know this one when I see it? Then of course I saw it a bunch of times and now it makes sense.

About Quartet

Okay, so I’ve looked over the Quartet threads and honestly I think they are going at a much faster pace than I’ll actually be able to stick to. These are pretty meaty looking chapters, with about twice as many grammar points as a Genki chapter, as well as writing and listening and speaking (don’t know if I’ll do the speaking) portions. I think we could either:

  1. make a schedule together
  2. go at our own individual paces and check in with each other

I’m kind of leaning towards an ‘own pace’ situation to accommodate everyone. People could make, like, home posts maybe with their projected schedule and then I could periodically ping participants to check in and see how their progress is going? This leads to the second question, do we:

  1. make a new thread
  2. use the previous group’s threads

A new thread would be something like this one, all chapters gathered in the same place and kind of a loosey goosey attitude (since I don’t have the time or energy to play drill sargent haha). Or we could do kind of a dual approach and post our writing assignments in the old threads, but say things like ‘oops, haven’t opened my textbook this week,’ or ‘found the grammar point in the wild,’ in the home thread.

Thoughts? I’m going to ping @WeepingWeeb and @Rehanmalik since they both just posted in the Quartet chapter 1 thread recently.


If it’s any consolation, I studied that grammar point a year and a half ago, and I still pause when I see it in the wild…

And after teaching なければいけない in like chapter 5 lol. (I think Andy even mentioned this in his videos)

Hey! Akashelia is an angel, not a drill sergeant!


Hii, thanks for the ping

I think maybe a new thread might be a good idea if the format is different and it might help all the casual at your own pace people be a bit more together, then ig it would kind of be if anyone joins late in the future like the old threads are for scheduled study and new ones for unscheduled. Also I like the idea of the home threads, although I’m thinking I’d probably get lost if I was trying to find other people’s answers/thoughts to a specific chapter to compare/double check concepts :thinking:


I’m with you on this one. I’m okay with Making a schedule together but it is going to be demanding for whoever who is gonna run the thread. I have already went through many grammar points for jlpt N3. I want to go at my own pace and catch up with quartet 2 and do the writing sections in quartet 1 which I held off becuase I’m too lazy and nothing to keep me accountable.

This one is mainly depends upon the study plan we choose upon.
If we are doing “the making schedule”, The first one seems appropriate.
But if we are doing “the own schedule”, We can do the dual approach.
Anyways a new home thread would be nice.
When is this gonna start though?



Let me rephrase that… I could never hope to be at Akashelia’s level, so I shouldn’t even try… :angel:

I was leaning towards a new home thread as well, so this sounds good.

Hmmm, @mitrac and I still have one chapter of Genki left, so we will probably start Quartet round about August. But I can go ahead and make a thread so you and weeb can start posting! Then mitrac and I can join later, in the true spirit of the at-your-own-pace study group. :slightly_smiling_face:


This would be nice :bowing_man:.And If there are people who are interested they might join later :smiley: .Quartet Rerun [Soggyboy’s Edition] :joy:


Haha you guys :heart_eyes::see_no_evil:
Good luck with Quartet, our format isn’t perfect but right now I’m glad I’m not the one sitting and having to make the decision on how to make it better :stuck_out_tongue:
In any case, feel free to reap the thread, there are a lot of interesting links in the first posts! (Hit reply to the first post and the speech bubble on the left next to the Bold symbol, that quotes the whole post. Then go ahead and take the pieces you want from that!)


Yesterday I thought ok I’ll read until I come across all of these, and then some of them like のように come up literally every page but the others are more hit and miss.

Spoiler: reading this with the explanation for causative passive in ch 23 will help a lot! I just looked ahead yesterday and had a huge aha moment because the actor switches position between these two and I think that’s why it’s confusing if you learned this from reading and have a shaky theory on it like I did

Yeah I can already say the fastest I’ll manage is 1 chapter in two months and that would be a big step up in effort for me!

I’m thinking this option, too. So we have a new home thread where we can post our own accountability and check in with each other, but everyone goes at their own pace and posts questions on the relevant threads that are set up. If one of the old threads closes you can flag it to get reopened. That way we have a “home” that only needs set up once (unless the current one has a wiki page at the top where everyone can add their home link? ), and questions are still sorted by chapter on existing threads so soggy doesn’t have unnecessary admin

Sign me up!

Also so glad you built a foundation for us to follow thanks!!! :blush:


The thread is up! @WeepingWeeb @Rehanmalik


So I’ve got to get back in the habit of checking in on grammar since we’re starting Quartet and all, gotta level up!

The most challenging thing for me here (ch 23) is distinguishing causative and causative passive. I also liked Genki’s descriptive of when some constructions are used (like - only for factual statements etc… but will I ever remember that???)

Anyway, I want to do the exercises this time- related to causative passive. And I have been delinquent in kanji, so I need to get through the last 25ish kanji in genki I haven’t studied yet so I don’t have trouble reading Quartet. I’m looking forward to less furigana, I think leveling up to something hopefully more challenging will be really motivating!

The new thread looks great soggy!! Thanks!!!


I should be able to join you guys with Quartet by like September! Covering the chapter 20 grammar at the moment.
Visiting the UK in August but I’ll try keep up with the studying!!


Great to hear from you! That is roughly realistic for me too, I might have time for a start at the end of August but I’ve got an extended (2 wk) work trip in September.


I watched Andy’s video for chapter 23 yesterday, and I think I need to do the exercises as well… I may do the exercises for all of the passive forms and hopefully that’ll solidify them.

:man_dancing: I’m super excited to start!!

YAYY!! Can’t wait to see you aboard S.S. Quartet!


I’ve been doing the passive, causative, and causative passive exercises on the Seth Clydesdale page, and reading about the difference between causative and causative-passive online a bit. I thiiink I get it now.


Causative: (active voice) My mom made me eat things I didn’t like.

Causative-passive: (passive voice) I was made by my mom to eat things I didn’t like.

The outcome of each is the same (ate things I didn’t like), but the tone/intent is slightly different. Also the に points a different way in each form, which I hate and loathe.


It’s time for…

the final writeup of genki! :tada: :partying_face:

Thoughts on the chapter 23 grammar points…

  • causative-passive sentences
    After spending a bunch of time on these this afternoon, I feel reasonably okay about them but it’s definitely something that will take a lot of exposure to really feel comfortable with.
  • ても
    Easy to understand. Andy complained a bit about the structure of Genki teaching this like 50 billion chapters after てもいい
  • ことにする
    new to me!
  • ことにしている
    just a variation of the last point
  • まで
    I am really surprised this point is covered so late. Very odd.

  • Knew this one too

So really, it was a very easy chapter besides the causative-passive, haha. And with that… Genki 2… 終わり!!Feels so weird haha but very excited to move on and start tackling intermediate grammar.


お疲れ様でした!Nice one!
I agree that it’s very strange まで is left til the final chapter hahah
Good luck with the next steps, I’ll be sure to post as I progress through the remaining chapters


Congrats soggy!!! Thanks for keeping up the energy and pulling us through this!!

Genki's oddities

:joy: yes!

I’ll admit I prefer Genki’s quirk on this. Although it’s odd, I do find learning different senses of similar constructions keeps them separate in my mind better. And even arguing that this is the same sense actually, in my speaking practice I definitely needed てもいい as a set phrase earlier… That being said it’s hard to imagine anyone getting this far and not having figured out ても by now. Well, maybe, I suppose you could wait to read until after genki 2, but that would be tough to have such stamina for a textbook in a vacuum!

I think that must be a tough choice, do you get people set phrases earlier, but they don’t understand the grammar behind it fully. Or explain the grammar exhaustively before they’re able to use it all?

For sure what this genki 2 experience has taught me is that at the very beginning stages before I was reading, it was possible to build up grammar in a linear fashion with genki 1. At some point starting reading means having to at least get a broad understanding of lots of grammar (thank you Satori!). From that point, the grammar lessons seem to be helpful for nuance aha moments, grammar I breezed over and ignored until then, or to practice getting it into my active output use. I kind of restricted my use of genki 2 to the first 2.

I’d quite like to use Quartet as a fresh start and take the opportunity to develop my output skills. I also see it as a transition tool to reading adult level novels in paperback. I have a hard time motivating kanji learning but I’ll have to in order to keep up with the readings in Quartet! I’m hoping that tricks me into gradually leveling up.

I’d be curious to hear from you guys what your goals are for Quartet!