Genki 2 Study Group [Studying Chapter 20]

ok, I’m finally on to Ch 14

If you’re a Satori subscriber, go to the series listed below (this time the points are in the Nutshell Grammar series as well as their Human Japanese Extra Credit Intermediate series) and I’ve referenced relevant episodes below for Genki II Ch 14. Satori doesn’t cover all the points from this chapter, as last time, but covers some useful extras!

Human Japanese Extra Credit Intermediate:

  • Episode 14 - wanting with hoshii
  • Episode 37 - giving and receiving with ageru, kureru, morau, and others
    • Episode 39 - advances Episode 37 with the -te + giving/receiving word (this is covered by Genki later, but if you’re reading a lot and have already come across it, you’ll like this!)

Nutshell Grammar:

  • Episode 31 - Aside from and Except for with shika
  • Episodes 26-27 The Conditional “If and When” with Tara