Genki 2 Study Group [Studying Chapter 20]

OK, relavant Satori episodes from their Nutshell Grammar series. If you’re a subscriber, go to the Nutshell Grammar series and I’ve referenced relevant episodes below for Genki II Ch 13.

It’s ok to study these out of order! I personally think Satori does a great job of giving a practical twist to these explanations so I’m prioritising this above Genki’s exercises actually.

The potential - from Episode 16. This covers it well, and there are 2 additional parts that go into more depth.

なら is treated in Episode 24. The sense discussed in genki is from the 19th example. The earlier examples are the more common constructions I’ve seen reading. And if you’re interested in other forms of conditionals and have time, then you might be interested in the set of Episodes 23-27! I’d say just do that if you’ve been reading a lot and you’re thinking, what’s the difference between と vs なら vs たら vs えば. But if that question is not in your mind, then maybe just stick to なら for now.

そう is treated in 3 parts, Episodes 36-38. Now, the first episode contrasts this “it seems” version of そう with a different “sou” (hearsay そう). If you’re not sure what that’s all about, maybe skip this one on Satori for now. But if you have come across both, and the similar “よう” then you’ll enjoy it.

~し - episode 52.