Gboard handwriting and word suggestions

Is there anybody using handwriting on the Japanese gboard?
Is there a setting somewhere to get word suggestions including kanji?


When I write はな in hiragana using the handwriting, I get:

So there are suggestions including kanji (like は右), but not the obvious 花.

When I type はな in the 12-key version of gboard, I get:


I don’t use GBoard but Samsung Keyboard and it’s quite similar. If I type はな, I get suggestions like 花 or 鼻. But if I handwrite it, I don’t get kanji suggestions. I guess they assume that if you can handwrite the kana, you also have the ability to handwrite the kanji.


That may be true for 木 or 日, but not for 鬱.




Now I see that the few kanji suggestions I get in the first example are resembling a handwritten な. Apparently the gboard SW was not sure that this was hiragana and suspected it might be a 右.

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I switch the input method from handwriting to flick when I want to input kana and get suggestions. However, I only use the handwritten input when I need to lookup a kanji which I don’t know how to read. So for my actual Japanese writing needs I use the flick keyboard as it’s much faster (and I can only write like 100 kanji).

Just out of curiosity, what is your use case?

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so you draw the kanji in this case? I am never fast enough to draw a kanji in gboard (except for the very basic ones).

I have used the handwriting input because I wanted to practice hiragana handwriting. It worked well for Flaming Dirtles or dictionary lookups, but it doesn’t work for example for a word search in bookwalker - I suppose you have to give them the same format as in the book.
Another advantage is that I can enter hiragana and english text without switching keyboards.

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Haha, sounds so familiar :sweat_smile:
I became fast enough now because I know how to write most of the radicals. But it took me a year I guess.

Until then I used an older Google Handwriting keyboard. You could set the delay to infinite and take as much time as you want. Sadly, it’s now deprecated in favour of Gboard.

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There is such a setting in gboard, too (settings - general management - Gboard settings - Languages - Japanese handwriting - handwriting speed). However I don’t know if “very slow” is “infinitely slow”.

I’m afraid it’s not. I set it to minimal speed and tried to draw 星. With even a slight interval between the drawing of 日 and 生, gboard assumes that I want to write 日. No way to add other radicals afterwards.

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