Gauging interest in a Beastars book club

Just as the title says. For the uninformed, Beastars is the greatest piece of literature ever produced by mankind my personal favorite manga. I plan to re-read it (again) in 2020, but this time as a study tool for Japanese. The purpose of this topic is to see whether or not I should post about my studies here; and, whether or not anyone else would be interested in studying along with me.

Poll (but not POLL) for a Beastars book club:

  • I’m interested! Sign me up!
  • That sounds cool, but I could live without it.
  • No thank you, I’m not interested.

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Why did you make votes public on vote :sob: guess I’ll just have to vote :grin:


Volumes 1 and 2 are free right now on Bookwalker btw


Closing the poll (but not POLL) after five days. The consensus seems to be that not very many people are interested, so I won’t start a club. Definitely still read it if you were interested, though, it’s a very good series! Thanks for voting!


I feel like you could have gathered more interest by showing some sample pages or giving more explanations about the premise. I pretty much live under a rock, which may be why I’ve never heard of that series before, but still I don’t think a random person on the forum would know what it’s about. :thinking:


I agree with Naphthalene’s comment above - plus, 5 days isn’t all that long; the forum is huge, some people only log in on certain days, etc. It may just take them a bit longer to find you. You could also comment about this thread (with a link back to here) in the Master List of Book Clubs thread to get more notice.

I didn’t vote because my Japanese isn’t good enough to join, but I was curious after you posted and went and looked it up - it’s an award-winning series (I really like the artwork) so try talking it up some more, do as Nath wrote, be patient (at least a couple of weeks) and you may get more interest.

Best of luck!

P.S. You could also add another point to your poll (if possible) of “interested, but my Japanese isn’t good enough yet for a manga”


It should only be added to the master list if it’s actually going to be read on the forums in some way, not to get it noticed ahead of time. This can be a scheduled book club (usually with week-to-week threads) or non-scheduled book club (i.e. miscellaneous discussion whenever people feel like it), but there needs to be something official before putting it on the list.

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Sorry, understood. Could they post about it in that thread, though, to let reading-enthusiasts know about it?

Sure, they are welcome to post about it in that thread. The 多読 thread is also a good place to mention stuff like this I think. At least I use that thread when I want to discuss random reading stuff.


Cheers! Edited previous post to suit. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Naphthalene - is there going to be a 2020 thread for 多読 ?


The same thread will be updated and the table reset. The current table will be archived under a drop down in the original post.

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