Garden Appreciation Thread

And while I’m at it, I took another look at my local park. I found out they cut down this huge beautiful cherry tree today. :C I have no idea what all that digging is for, but it’s a nuisance!

Even so, I managed to snag some pretty photos to share. :slight_smile:

White cherry trees…more to come in a week or so? (though they’re corded off due to the digging. :c

I wonder why they don’t have any pink magnolias in the Botanical garden, because they don’t. There are two in this park and others around my area, like the road to the bus. Lots of magnolia trees in people’s gardens as you ride the bus as well! :grin:

Perfect timing also to check out the tulip varieties. Not all are in bloom yet, but these are in their prime!

Other flowers…

the 竹の子! XD @RoseWagsBlue I’m sure you remember these

Were these hostas? :thinking: I forgot. ^^’


Yes, giant bamboo hostas. :grin::grin::grin:


How deep does this go, I wonder. I don’t think I know how this is going to proceed so I’m just gonna sit back and watch everybody else add to the list.

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Got a potato bag that looks like potato chips for my balcony garden



I thought that I would be all clever and Google lens this, but all that came up was actual potato chips.

So is this just a bag of soil, or are there already potatoes in it?

I am going to see if I can find it on

I found lots of ポテトバッグ, but nothing this cute.


I was duped into accidently buying a bag of just soil, but I bought some potato starters for it yesterday :sweat_smile:

Maybe if you search (ふくろ)(そだ)てるじゃがいもの(つち) 12L Calbee ?


I had tried some of that too. Now I found it on with the entire string of text.

Currently unavailable. :sob:



The only thing you’re missing out on is bag design. There was also one that looked like a bucket like version. You could probably print a design like that yourself to add to the bucket :thinking:


I should have explained that this would be for my friend in Tokyo. She has never grown anything from seed in her life, but I sent her some nasturtium and basil seeds and they are doing very well on her balcony.

She likes junk food, so she would enjoy a potato chips bag of potatoes. :smile_cat: I have learned that it is less expensive to order something from than to pay shipping from the USA.

I am not really too worried about the potato bag, I just thought it would be a fun thing for her to try.


Nice!! They look like they’re really thriving and that the basil just needs more time.

It’s not the same, but there are also mushroom kits. Those might be more fun since they have everything included, but the temperatures need to be right so it’d probably be a matter of waiting until fall. The potato seedlings/spuds are already supposed to have been planted I think.


Potatoes are fast. They can be planted between now and midsummer.

I started mushrooms with one of the kits, and now they are naturalized in my garden. Mei might enjoy mushrooms too. :thinking:

It is just getting warm enough for her basil to take off. She sends me a picture every single day. :heart: I also have seeds in my garden from her, including a Japanese variety of corn. Who would guess that such a thing exists?


It’s been a while, but here’s how things are looking for my food garden.

First, I’ve read up enough to finally be convinced the pill bugs are only going after my plants after something else (likely cutworms) are going in and eating through stems, and such.

Using a plastic cup with the bottom cut out is doing well at keeping anything from eating the stems, but also the plants don’t seem to grow as much in this situation. Maybe it’s because they don’t get consistent watering as the drip irrigation doesn’t reach them, so I need to hand water them until their roots spread out. (I probably should place them more advantageously.)

The idea of using a toilet paper roll to keep things out unfortunately failed as the toilet paper rolls gets eaten through, then something eats the stem and down goes the plant.

We had about five weeks of rain and clouds (rare for where I live), so the soil in my raised garden bed sank about a foot from all the water…

I have one cucumber plant, out of maybe about a dozen planted in all, that’s making it.

My tomato plants didn’t grow much during the weeks of cloudy days, but with sunny days here they’ve started growing again.

I had a grow bag filled with carrots, and the day before I planned to thin them out, we had a very hot day and I lost over 80% of the plants.

I added a melon plant today to fill some of the space alongside the surviving carrot plants.

I don’t yet know how to tell when the carrots will be ready to harvest. The seed bag says to harvest at 6 inches, but how do I know when they’re 6 inches? Is it like “catch and release” in fishing, where you pull out the carrots and put the small ones back?

I bought some strawberry plants. I planted one out front and five in various places out back.

I’ve never had strawberry plants before, so this is mainly testing to see if I can keep them alive.

Out front, I’ve been growing my lettuce:


棚 たな trellis

I finished my new permanent tomato trellis.

I had been keeping my eyes open for some steel pipes. Previously, I had built my arbor from bamboo, which lasts about two growing seasons. Then a few weeks ago I found steel from an awning.

This is about 10 meters long, and should hold 30 tomato plants.


Anyone has some nice resources such as a gardening for dummies, for people who have never even had a balcony and now suddenly have a garden? We’ve bought a house with a small garden (and overgrown plants) and I’ve been trying to trim some of the plants (手入れ ? 剪裁 ?), but have no idea if I’m doing it right.

I also tried to plant a small flower and a paprika potted plant I bought, and was sadly greeted by a slug (ナメクジ?) infestation the following day :frowning_face: we tried to remove them, but it didn’t work really work without killing the plants. I also bought some potted ラベンダー, and read that they dislike those, but now I am worried about planting them and accidentally killing them too.

Oh! And we have some アジサイ科. They bloomed last year and now I have nice, healthy looking green leaves, so hope they bloom again soon.


Before I had a yard of my own, I would occasionally watch videos from Epic Gardening on YouTube. (They also have a website, but I don’t use it much.)

They don’t have much on slugs, but here’s a section of one article:


Reminds me of


Time for more picture spam as the there is so much in bloom right now and the air is just heavy with the scent of flowers everywhere you go.

Lilacs are now in season which I adore! ^>^

Rhododendron are also still going strong!

These flower buds were really beautiful I thought

Chestnuts! :chestnut: with pink flowers

*Some other species…

Ive seen these but with whitish, or perhaps toward the yellow spectrum before I think. I don’t know their name.

Alliums are now in bloom…

The last of the cherry blossoms falling…

To be continued…


Part 2 of picture spam!

This is the main season to see and smell the lovely azaleas! ^>^

Interestingly there are a couple of magnolias that are still in bloom as well, even as the leaves are now grown in

Though next years soft fuzzy buds are starting to form


Thank you for flower spamming us! :heart:

pawpaw babies! I am excited for my first year of fruit!

tent caterpillar
I found the word アメリカ白灯蛾 , fall webworm. But this is a spring webworm, the Eastern tent caterpillar. Malacosoma americanum

Today I am doing a little gardening workshop with my best friend’s four granddaughters, ages, 6-10. Two of them already were here a few weeks ago, and they apparently raved about it to their cousins. So today I have all four of them.