Garden Appreciation Thread

8kg is probably more than the gooseberries and raspberries I harvested.

The 50 jars was Huckleberries, which are obscenely productive. They are an annual that sprawls everywhere. There were even more berries that I couldn’t be bothered to plunk the stems off. If “Garden Huckleberry” seeds are sold in Europe, and if you have sprawly plant space, I would recommend them highly, and I will even tell you how to cook them because they are disgusting until cooked.


Seed sorting time!

Thought you’d enjoy this @RoseWagsBlue

So many seeds!
Bought, harvested, gifted, shared… accumulated over many years.

Some keep much longer than others.


Nice seeds. :slight_smile:

I started peppers a few weeks ago, and tomatos a few days ago.
I didn’t buy many seeds this year. So I will use up whatever I have, and start fresh with all next year.


we have not either. i want to get some tarragon maybe.

gonna do toms and peppers next WE i think.

i posted more pics in the POLL thread :slight_smile:


It’s still pretty cold in the morning and there’s even been snow in the past days, though nothing that sticks around.

Still, I took some pics showing spring is around the corner.

Magnolia trees about to go into bloom. if only the cold wold give way.

I love this garden variety of vitsippor. They’ve got multiple flowers, unlike the wild variety.

Krokus are always lovely in spring.


I think I’m going to be waiting a long time to even see ground let alone Flowers. But thank you for those they are lovely and bring hope that this endless onslaught of snow will cease. Those are tennis nets that the snowmobiles have just driven right over.



  1. 丸い花壇を掃除する
  2. ポーチの近くはかき集める
  3. 種苗は植える

Good morning, @MissDagger, it is so nice to see you! :slight_smile:


Wait, you replied to yourself. Is this just a garden-variety appreciation thread?

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More spring flowers all around right now due to the warm weather! :slight_smile:

Garden variety of wood anemone /vitsippor with lots more flower petals than the wild variety

Azalea (I think)

Dwarf Magnolia

Cherry trees

I forget what these are called




Lovely! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We’ll likely get more fruit trees going into bloom soon if the weather stays as hot as it’s been. ^^

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I was just pointing out the yellow school bus in that photo to a friend in Japan. That is the same identical bus that I rode to school on in the 1970’s, and kids today still ride on.

That is a very early apple tree, most have not bloomed yet.
You always get nice spring photos. :slight_smile:


It’s that time of year, when I visit my local park and then spam this thread with photos from it! :partying_face: :cherry_blossom:

Tulips have finally started to bloom! ~ チューリップ

Wild wood anemone for comparison to the ones above

Lots of variants of daffodil are blooming. 水仙 すいせん

The first cherry trees are almost past blooming, while new ones are joining in

Various flowers that I don’t know the names of…


And the azalea again! So lovely! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I cut branches from a felled cherry tree branch 1,5 days ago and now they’re in bloom on my kitchen table! Gorgeous! :cherry_blossom:

Even more flowers bloom now, but I’ll wait until morning until getting another pic. :slight_smile: It’s more stunning than I thought! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(I just hated seeing them cut off a huge chunk of that cherry tree just as it was going into bloom no less. No respect. This doesn’t male up for it, but some…*still miffed. )


My small indoor garden :slight_smile:


Update from my local park!

Rhododendron are starting to bloom

Some tulips are past their prime but still lovely. <3

Other are just getting started

Early azaleas are in bloom

More will start soon

Various other lovely flowers

White magnolias are mostly done, but the pink ones are still beautiful, though the leaves are unfolding day by day

When you thought all cherry trees had lost their flowers, there’s always some other tree that’s just getting started!

Cute birb, probably a chick, since I managed to approach it for this photo, and those fuzzy feathers on the head. XD

I forget the name of this birb, but there’s lots of them around. :slight_smile: