Garden Appreciation Thread

It’s snowing in Stockholm today


I’m not surprised. :joy: I loved living in Uppsala, but yeah, spring arrived later that’s for sure. ^^’


The Christmas tree grew very well last summer :eyes:



Today I went to the park for a proper 花見 :cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom: I brought bento and everything. :yum:

On the way to the park I saw some more spring signs:

Dandelions (タンポポ or more formally 蒲公英 or ほこうえい)

and some cute Daisies (Bellis perennis) 雛菊 or ひなぎく

These cherry trees bloom last of the ones in the park.

These are just about to bloom and are of a white variety. ^>^

I found myself a nice spot…

弁当 time! :yum: お握り (おにぎり), green beans (隠元 or いんげん), 卵焼き or たまごやき (japanese rolled omelet), fried green onions (葱 or ねぎ) in marinade.

美味しかった! ^>^

I had company of some inquisitive birbs! Fieldfare (ノハラツグミ) looking for 虫 (むし).

After my meal, I wandered around the park

Wood anemone

Pilewort or lesser celandine


More cherry trees, that didn’t bloom last visit!

Wild daffodil ラッパ水仙 or らっぱずいせん and a flower which I don’t know the name of.

They also have a stunning orange variant in this garden but none that was blooming at the time. These flowers are very sculptural in full bloom.

Another type of wild daffodil. They also have Poet’s daffodil in this park but I sort of forgot to take a photo of that.

Grape hyacinth (in swedish pärlhyacint=pearl hyacinth which I think is a little more poetic ;)). In Japanese they went for the latin name ムスカリ. These have a very strong smell.

A couple of tulips チューリップ have started to bloom, but most are still waiting for warmer weather.

These wood anemone are not the common forest variety, but have double the amount of petals.

The magnolia trees (朴の木 or ほうのき) are starting to drop their flower petals. :cry:

I have no idea what these are, but they look like bamboo shoots (竹の子 or たけのこ) coming up of the ground. :joy:

I’m sure these are flowers though.

The sun came and went and let’s just say it wasn’t that warm without the sun. It was just 10 degrees Celsius.

To end this overly-long post, here’s also…

…Mr. Bumblebee (丸花蜂 or まるはなばち) having a sakura snack! :honeybee: ^>^


I think your first ??? flower (the yellow ones) are called pilewort in English, or 段戸襤褸菊 . They are actually edible before the flowers start to bloom (but turn poisonous afterwards) and they contain lots of vitamin C, that’s how the plant got its German name Scharbockskraut (Scharbock is an old name for Skorbut / scurvy which is a vitamin C deficiency syndrome).


Thank you! I’ll edit in the info! ^>^

But I think the 段戸襤褸菊 is wrong. It’s fireweed on Jisho and googling 段戸襤褸菊 gives me images of another flower I recognize. Also yellow, and gets those dandelion-esque seed pods that fly away with the wind. They’re a bit like smol dandelions, but with lots of small yellow flowers.

Pic online of 段戸襤褸菊 or ダンドボロギク.

Lesser celandine in comparison

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probably hosta, but there are a few other similar shoots. my guess in hosta

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Oh I see! Sorry, that one got lost in translation :sweat_smile: I only knew its German name so I looked up the English name and then from that the Japanese name, which probably sent me down the wrong alley…

But right now I tried my luck on Google using its botanical name and it seems to be called ヒメリュウキンカ Ficaria verna (ヒメリュウキンカ) | Ficaria verna [formerly Ranunculu… | Flickr

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I glanced through your photos when you first posted them, but now I have examined and enjoyed them more thoroughly. It is so beautiful where you live!
It is so important to remind oneself to take a moment to appreciate the season around you.


Thanks. It’s very well kept. I’ll try to take other photos of this park as it really transforms throughout the seasons. It makes it extra fun to check it out. :relaxed: <3

Right now you can see all the flower beds, but towards the end of summer the biggest plants and grasses create a maze-like feeling to this garden. They’re huge. But before then, there’s always something blooming. :slight_smile:

Since there’s lots of flowers that I don’t recognize, I might need to enlist your help again guessing what they are! ^>^

(I’ll also get back to you with the bamboo shoots/hosta once they’ve grown a bit)


@RoseWagsBlue look what I came home to! It’s It’s first one of my cucurbits to poke their head up, but looks like there’s a globe courgette just breaking through too


I have been thinking about you as I worked in the garden all day!

How to Grow シソ

  1. Get some growing some year.
  2. The next year, forget to stratify seeds.
  3. Plant seeds.
  4. Seeds do not come up.
  5. Tons of cute little red seedlings come up wild all over the garden from the year before.
  6. Move those seedlings where you would like.

I have many successes and failures to report already this year. To many things that I want to plant! I will share with you soon. :slight_smile:


(for supper, I am going to cook down some cabbage leaves that survived winter and are going to seed. I am then going to use that in chilli. Wish me luck!)