Gaming while learning japanese?

anyone know how i can play with people who know any Japanese or even Japanese people themselves? i really wanna immerse myself. thanks!


You may also want to check this out if you’re into games.

This might not directly answer to your question, but maybe it will help you immerse through video games anyway.
If playing in japanese is too hard at first, you can try this channel :

I think he also stream on twitch for more interraction with its viewers.


I Agree! Watching his streams for a while, it’s a nice play to both entertain and learn something new.

I can also recommend this guy:

Not only he’s playing videogames in japanese, but he also has grammar lessons and other “Just Chatting” twitch streams which are quite useful and interesting to follow.

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Technically, Second Life isn’t a game but a virtual chat platform but a group of Japanese people are organising a Shiritori game every Friday 10.30pm Japan time (5:30 AM PST / 6:30 AM PDT). I’ll copy and paste their in-world Event notice below if you’re interested.

日本語と英語の言語交換アクティビティ ★ しりとりゲームを日本語と英語で行います。

We will play “Shiri-tori”, the Word Chain Game! Only Japanese in the first half, then only in English the second half.

Also, we practice making simple sentences with the word we picked and everyone reads aloud. Anyone who is interested in learning Japanese with native Japanese speakers and practising English together is welcome. Bring your friends and let’s have fun!

Please try to be there at least 3 minutes in advance.

Since you might be new to Second Life, I can request the owner of the place to add you in a safe-list and will let her know that you’re from WaniKani forum. I’ll be there tonight and next week as my weekend Japanese class is postponed :slight_smile: