Game center highscore

Hey there, this is my first post. I use wanikani on my iphone and realized there is something like a “highscore” in the “game center” area. I am now number 900something and thought that this is a pretty low number of people who score higher than me - considering I have only just reached level three. So my question is: are these highscores just for my country (germany in this case) or do all users from all over the world show up in this highscore (then the community is much smaller than i thought).

If you are using an iPhone app that you installed, it may be because many WK users do not use the native apps (they were written by third parties). Many people use the website in their browser and won’t be included.

There is in fact no official app.

Wanikani doesn’t actually have scores. What you’re seeing is specific to that particular user-created app.

Now I wanna earn arbitrary internet points in exchange for doing reviews…


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