Gairaigo + Wasei-eigo Anki Deck

##Gairaigo + Wasei-eigo Anki Deck

Download v1

Using Excel, Anki, and a bit of HTML table magic, I have created an Anki deck containing all 423 gairaigo and wasei-eigo (loanword) terms from the WIkipedia list. Each card has been nicely formatted to include all of the data from the original source. I also separated the meaning field into a generic and detailed field to ease reading for long descriptions, like the one for「~アップ」. Please note that I did not censor the list and there are multple terms related to sexual actions. If you would like to make any improvements to the deck or add more cards, feel free to do so.

This deck uses the Roboto Light font, which you can download here.

Things to do –

  • add better font support (backup Latin fonts which are visually similar to Roboto; Japanese fonts from other operating systems)
  • add more loanwords (the Wikipedia mentions that a full list “would fill a whole dictionary”)
  • add tags to categorize words (one per source; possibly one for explicit content?)

Sources –

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