Gacha thread for learning purposes

Heyyoo fellow gacha addicts or just the ones who are here for the delicious, new words!

I feel like with the rise of Genshin, more and more people dipping their toes into gacha, which is always a slippery slope. We should at least get something useful out of this addiction; so how about sharing some Japanese words (not appearing on Wanikani) that you learned from a gacha game with a screenshot? Perfect way to recommend some games and learn some new words or just flex some luck

So to start it off, I am gonna share one from Alchemy Stars; 触手 (しょくしゅ) - tentacle


I really like Twisted Wonderland! Though american version is out now, I strarted playing it on JP. And it is so enjoyable to understand the story in JP version.
My level is too low for fully understand the story, but at least I can have a grasp on it. And with american version being out, I can compare my translations!
Waiting for Jade to appear in mirror, so I can finally get his 5* card, cause I have none :face_exhaling:.


It’s funny that you mention Genshin, I’ve started playing it this year precisely to practice Japanese lol. I was initially afraid I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it much as a f2p, but it has been quite a pleasant journey and I’ve learned a lot of words! One of my favorites is 蒲公英 ( たんぽぽ ) - dandelion , it appears quite a lot in the early game and I just love the way it sounds ~たんぽぽ~ so cute!!

Yesss, Genshin is perfect to learn some new words because after you know how to play, you can play it in Japanese and immerse yourself in it. And yes yes, たんぽぽ really sounds adorable. I just hope we will get to see the Dandelion Sea at one point.