[Full Release whenever lol] Floflo.moe - A WK-friendly website for reading


Thanks buddy :high_touch:

They do have an API but since I lack any technical background I find it really hard to set up. I use a plugin for most of the Patreon stuff but it doesn’t really support dynamic stuff (hence why there’s a Singles page and an Alchemizer page, etc.). Someday :sweat:



Hey, @Raionus, I am considering trying to get back on track again in the next few weeks (I know, I know, I said I would before…This time I mean it :wink:). Would it be possible to return to square one (i.e. no vocab learned) so I can be more lazy in my return and slowly relearn things at a more reasonble pace this time around? Sorry for being a pest. :turtle:


I was thinking about your situation when I made the soft reset. Currently it puts low level items back to lessons and then just trashes high level ones. I wanted to make it so that you wouldn’t have retrash a billion things like you would if you completely reset an account. Is that kind of what you’re looking for?


Yeah, that sounds ideal. I was imagining retrashing things, but this sounds a lot better.


Awesome! Done! Hopefully will slowly start building things up again now.


Okay cool. How many lessons did you get btw? It puts low level items as lessons and I’m thinking maybe it would be better to just delete those ones.


It put 1036 back in my lesson queue and 33 got trashed.


Jesus. It’s only ~400 for me. Yeah I think I’ll make it just delete stuff now. I can clear your lessons if you want. Like if you want to read something that isn’t SAO or something


Yeah, I think that might be better if it is not too much trouble.


Yeah uh your table was not what I expected it to look like (just expected you to have more trashed and stuff). Anyway I made a backup and then reset the lessons so you should be good.


Yep. Perfect. Currently 0 Lessons. (Also, yeah, I trashed less stuff than I should have the first time around. I accidentally ignored a lot of words instead of trashing them, and also a lot of the words I included because I was being anal and trying to learn the kanji for words I already knew that had furigana in the book).



GL mate. Are you planning on joining the SAO discussion or are you gonna learn something else?


Possibly a mixture. Definitely SAO, but I might do a little of something else as well. Not sure as of now. What books are you working on?


I’ve been challenging myself to read 放課後は、異世界喫茶でコーヒーを without any SRS right now, but I’m stilling using Floflo to learn stuff for Flowers. It’s an 8k book so it’s a really slow process though :sweat_smile:

I’ve also been using the Alchemizer to make sure that all the words I learn for Flowers pop up in some other book so that I have something easy to practice on. I dunno if you’ve used the website since it came out but the Alchemizer is really fun UwU


By the way, I noticed that the new review system is out of beta but:

  • Once again, it only gives me 2 undo on mobile
  • the page is still called testing

Both of those points aren’t very important, but whenever you have the time, I guess :sweat_smile:


@Raionus In some future poll, could you add Kokoro Connect?

I think this is the first book in the series:

Not sure if there’s a Kindle version so here’s an ebook:


Yeah sure :ok_hand:

Pretty sure it should check your width when you start it up (which isn’t foolproof but w/e). Are you doing reviews on landscape or something? Just curious. I’ll take a look later

Maybe it’s called testing because it’s testing you on what words you remember :thinking:


Not directly connected to your app, but I saw this line:

and wanted to share my opinion, specifically on 銀河鉄道の夜, which I am reading now.
It’s freaking HARD! Even for an intermediate learner.
The book was written in 1927 so it contains lots of outdated kanji/words/expressions/speech patterns (also lots of tree names, flower names, gem names, bird names, strange color names, which is not a bad thing in itself, but can be quite distracting). It is also very abstract and even surreal in the part where they travel on the railroad, so it’s very difficult to fill the gaps in understanding with common sense.

It’s a beautiful book, but not for beginners.


Definitely agree. I wrote a really long article that nobody read and I mentioned that, despite their relatively low word counts, Aozora Bunko books are terrible for beginners. They’re all copyright free which means they’re all old, and none of them were actually written for kids - they even got Frankenstein up in there, if you look hard enough.

I did just want to encourage people to try out the website on free books though. No sense in buying something just to see if it suits their taste y’know?


I read it! :high_touch: