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Fixed and fixed.

@me if you have any issues. It only takes me like 5 minutes to fix but I don’t have a list of affected users.

If people give me specific titles. I assume you’re talking about toki wo kakeru shoujo or something?


Sorted, thank you!

Does it not affect everybody?


Most people were saved by the rollback. It affected people when they logged in, so if you logged in before the rollback (2 AM) then I gotta fix it myself.


Ah, I see :+1:


working again for me too, thanks! :smile:


@Raionus Something is still screwy for me. Last night I did some reviews and lessons that I had already done before the reboot again, after the reboot and figured things would be fine after that, but now those same reviews and lessons are undone again this morning. As much as I like groundhog day…I don’t like groundhog day. :sweat_smile::turtle::cup_with_straw:


I had to do two rollbacks yesterday because the first messed up. There’s not anymore coming.


Ok…I am a little sad about that since it was 173 reviews and 33 lessons, but しょうかたがあるまない as they say…:upside_down_face::wink::laughing::turtle: Thanks for keeping floflo awesome.


あるまい I would say (one な too many :thinking:)

Well, it rolled back a new leech which I answered correctly this time so… I’ll take it :upside_down_face:


Oh sorry to hear that :broken_heart: hopefully it’s not too much.


Shoot, I thought I learned that one on floflo…:upside_down_face::wink:


Haha no it will be fine. Floflo has been really awesome. So long and thanks for all the fish. :turtle: 2000 points to Slytherin…


Somehow my brain autocorrected the first part, and didn’t notice what you were going for :rofl:


Oooh yes thank you! This was one on my list to read once I start doing novels :smiley:


Worked for me, thank you!


Reporting this mostly because I found it hilarious.

FloFlo: sees French, panics, reverts to Japanese


Ah, yes, I saw it as well :rofl:


During review my streak counter always stay at zero. Is it a know bug ?

Also, is there a way to see the individual SRS level of an item now ? I remember it was possible at some point. I have seen some items a suspicious amount of times recently and would like to check if they are progressing correctly.


Seems to be a firefox bug. I’ll look into it. Fixed.

Probably. We had two rollbacks on Sunday so if you did reviews in between the two of them then you probably saw the same items twice.

I’ll see if there’s room somewhere in the lessons page


@Raionus, wait…floflo has a bankai??? :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::turtle::upside_down_face::upside_down_face: