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I hate that. I try not to pre-study too many things, but sometimes I do and I find the part where the word happens. And the frequency is way up because the characters are just repeating the word back and forth to each other in a single conversation. Eugh.

One time I was pre-studying a book and FloFlo said おっぱい had a frequency of like 50+, and silly old me just laughed and was like “Yeah right, this is a kid’s book,” and trashed it.

No it was accurate.


ペンギン・ハイウェイ? :slightly_smiling_face:


~☆ 当たる! ☆~


Am I doing something wrong?


Leave out the stuff in the parentheses :ok_hand:t2:


I finally finished karakara, my first VN ever, mostly thanks to floflo !
I like the format of VN a lot for learning, because of the audio feedback via dubbed dialogue and the easy copy and paste to check dictionary.

Quick question for the resident expert here. After karakara, in floflo list, what is the easiest VN to read ?


Sono Hanabira wouldn’t be a bad choice I think. I haven’t read karakara, but I thought koisome dousei was pretty easy too but it has a lot more words so idk.


Hi there!
My reviews seem to have been erased.
On my lessons page it usually shows how many reviews I have coming up in the next hour and 24 hours but it has nothing at the moment, which is strange as I learnt a few new words yesterday.
Please help!


@Raionus I think you may have messed something up with the reviews. I usually wake up to 80 reviews with like 150-200 within the next day and here’s what I woke up to today:

EDIT: Just saw the reply before me. Yeah, this seems like a thing.


Yup, my reviews have disappeared as well… :thinking:


Me too, fyi…:turtle:
Maybe that means that we are all fluent and don’t need to review anymore…:thinking:


Looking into it.

My most recent backup of the database is from 2 AM so hopefully that’s far back enough if something actually happened.


I restored a backup from 2 AM and have identified and removed the code that caused the issue.

I hope think most users should be okay now. If you are not, read here.

Edit: also if this worked fixed things for you leave a message for my peace of mind


Yup. Worked for me.


I messaged on the site but I’ll also throw in on here that it didnt work for me.

Can’t let you have too much peace of mind :3


Update 2/10 - New Additions + Polls

New Additions

  • Banana Fish
  • Yagate Kanashiki Gaikokugo [Murakami Haruki]
  • Subete ga F ni Naru [Book]
  • Mouryou no Hako


  • Removed the legal text/vocabulary at the beginning of Kino in preparation for the book club @Naphthalene
  • Lessons/Reviews are no longer ‘cached’ (this should fix the issue you had with it not updating @Radish8)

Suggestions Page

  • Once again under the ‘learn’ menu
  • Now shows the books that have gotten the most recent votes at the top
    • This should give people ideas for new books to read + make sure that the list is always changing

Also screw whoever did the pricing on this book

book sellers are literally satan


@Raionus I don’t seem to have any reviews either D: maybe that’s just a coincidence though?


@Raionus haven’t had any reviews since yesterday either…


Yay :slight_smile:

Will you remove the unrelated words from the other books as well? :wink:
So far I’ve found those in every vocab list I looked at… (It’s just that with Kino it was extreme tbh).


fixed! ありがとう!