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What’s the script for?


It just replaces the default image. No big deal.
(If there’s a setting for that and I was just to dumb to find it, well, it’s useless)


You can change your own image (at least on mobile). Unless you’re changing it for everyone else’s profile because you were tired of seeing the default everywhere. :joy:


Looks like it uses Gravatar for the profile picture? So it should use the picture you have assigned to your email address.

At least my profile pic is one of my Gravatar pics, and I’d be surprised to learn that I set that one manually long ago…

Also, where would one change one’s email address? :joy:




Can gravatar get images for your email without creating an account? Because I never created a gravatar account.


Are you still having the display error?
It could be that it is simply slow to update.


Hm, I would not expect them to…

But… how did you set your WK profile pic? They’re also using Gravatar. (And I cannot see any other options…)


From the forum settings.
Edit (a picture of the forum settings)
Re-edit (whoa, that included personal info, better take it down…)


Oh yeah, it’s not some permanent bug. It was just on the initial refresh. I had to do a second to make it update. That’s why I said it was a small thing :wink:


I never set my actual WaniKani profile picture. You can upload one on the forums.


Oh I see… Didn’t know you can set it on the forums as well.

Good you removed the pic again, was just about to point that out :wink:


Plus, there might be other locations on the … Internet where you still use the old name?


Right. It would be very easy to find me with that info.


Is there a way to change my registered email address on floflo? I looked through the preferences but didn’t find an option to change it.


I accidentally uploaded a screenshot on a thread a while back where you could see my full name, and there were also images/logos that would have let you figure out where I work.



:eyes: :purple_heart:


For words that don’t have an exact match in the dictionary, I filter out entries that don’t reach a certain ‘popularity’ threshold. The other five entries on jisho don’t meet that threshold so they’re considered extraneous.

I also filter out grammar because, like, those aren’t words.

Yee it syncs every three minutes unless something tells it to do otherwise. Apparently it’s missing that flag.

There isn’t a way to do it on the user’s side. I can change it for you on my end or if you don’t feel comfortable giving your email out then you can make a new account and I’ll migrate your words over if you want.

Anyway, hit me up in the PM thread if you want that.


Me: “Hey 懺悔 has a pretty high frequency, I’ll add that”

Light novel:


Someone’s suffering a Heroic BSOD?