[Full Release whenever lol] Floflo.moe - A WK-friendly website for reading


Also is the site loading slow for anyone else? Its taking awhile waiting on unpkg.com for me


Yeah they’ve been sucking lately. I switched it over to jsdelivr about 2 seconds ago and it fixed it. Although I have 0 idea of how to judge a cdn lol.


Seems to be still there ?
For example, I just added the kanji 虻 (via Find words -> search kanji), then I tried to add the word 虻 (via Find words -> search words), and 虻 is circled in blue, can’t add it.


Parenthesis seem to be broken again


Was just coming to report the same thing!


Reverted the change that broke it. Should be good.


Is there a way to always make the kanji appear when learning or reviewing words? For instance, I added 癖(くせ)because I want to become familiar with the kanji, but it doesn’t come up in my review that way.





Did you add 癖 or くせ? If you added the former, it should definitely appear in reviews that way :thinking:

If you’re adding the word くせ because it appears in the text that way, you can take two approaches. Personally, I prefer to go to ‘find words’ in the lessons page, add the kanji version of the word, and then trash the kana version in the vocab list.

Alternatively, you can add the kana version, then edit the word so that you have the kanji version in the main field and the reading in… the reading field. I think this is more confusing in the long-run because then you have multiple instances of that word floating around, but it does mean that FloFlo knows you learnt the word from that specific book.


Did Radish’s post solve your issue?


Yes, thank you!


Today I noticed this word (in the vocab list of Kino no Tabi):

Although I have chosen “All guesses” and although Jisho gives me 6 different matching words (including a kana-only word which I guess is the right one here), FloFlo only shows me one word option.

I can’t help but think that I’ve seen this word a few days ago in the vocab list (when browsing the list), and at that time it was given multiple meanings. (But maybe I am mistaken.)

Why does it only show one option here? Feels like a bug to me…


Small thing.

I removed two words from my lessons queue. When I refreshed the page, they’d disappeared and the number in-page had updated (to 11) but the ‘lessons’ tab in the top menu was still displaying 13.


Is your profile picture Akari from Yuru Yuri instead of a radish? :eyes:


Possibly, but I’m afraid I have to admit that that’s just the default profile pic :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not secretly not a radish.


Would you like a userscript to replace that default image instead of waiting for Raionus to implement that :eyes:


@Raionus picks the best default pictures then.


Maybe :eyes: although to be honest it makes me feel very cheery every time I see it ^^

@seanblue I’ll consider that a recommendation then :wink:


Apparently I changed my profile picture at some point.

And yes, Yuru Yuri is hilarious.


I agree :ok_hand:
To the point that I didn’t even upload the script to greazyfork, so you would have to wait until I go back to work next week to have it (or I could recode it, it’s not hard, but not worth the time either maybe :rofl:)