[Full Release whenever lol] Floflo.moe - A WK-friendly website for reading


Did you randomize the samples, though? :thinking:


Just finishing up college mid-terms atm. Anyway, I’d like to do some back-end work. It’ll be really boring from a user perspective and will probably take several weeks.

Before I do that is there anything that’s bothering people at the moment? Just like stuff to work on before I go semi-AWOL.

I know there’s the issue with definitions that are written like:

  • (stuff here) definition (more stuff)
    which I will fix today/tomorrow, but aside from that are there are pressing issues?

Basically the work flow will go:

  1. Pressing Stuff
  2. Alchemizer 2.0 Release
  3. Back-end
  4. Back to addressing user issues/bugs


There are little things that bug me (like the slashes appearing in user notes whenever I insert an apostrophe?), but nothing hugely pressing, I don’t think.

Hope the mid-terms went well!


It is annoying! It’s WP’s built in escaping functions getting a little whacky, but I’ll see what I can do.

They went fine. :heart:
But I’m also not a person who’s super focused on school. B’s get degrees! Well, so do a lot of other letters but B’s are good enough for me.

Edit: also check discord please :cry:


Thank you! Like I said, it’s not hugely pressing - I’m used to it anyway :wink: but it probably looks funky to newer users.

I guess one other thing…! When you use ‘find words’, you can search either all words, or known words. Atm, if I search all words, but then select a word I know with a blue border, it doesn’t change the options of what I can do with it - so if I want to edit it or whatever I have to re-search known words to get those alternative options. Another very not-pressing thing.

Glad to hear it ^^ and that sounds like a very healthy attitude, honestly.

Oooooh, sorry! Is it okay if I check tomorrow or is it time-critical? Will be my first foray into Discord in a while…


Nah, you can do it whenever you’re free. Don’t worry


Its not a huge deal, but I was wondering if you were considering bringing back being able to see recently trashed words. Its rare, but sometimes I trash words without seeing what they are due to a misclick.


(Also checking one’s leech list :eyes:)


Little bug report :
After adding a new kanji via the “find words” method, then trying to add the corresponding one-kanji word is no longer possible. The word is blue and we get the message “None of the items selected were new.”


Should be fixed :ok_hand:

Added. Type #leech and #trash into the search. It’ll give you the most most recent 300.

Fixed it :ok_hand:

I added a #active command (type it into the search bar on the lessons page). Hopefully that’s what you’re looking for.

Will see if I can do that w/o making the ui look too messy.

I added a lang=“ja” tag to the div. Did that fix it for you? The problem doesn’t occur on my PC so it’s a little hard to test.

I think that covers most of the requests so far?


Text size was fixed, but…


jk I forgot to actually upload the changes (it’s up now).


Some of my items (142) are “stuck” and cant be reviewed.
If i start a review session of 150, only 8 would appear at all. If i start the session at 142, i`m getting an infinite “moving to overview…” screen.

I can`t tell if these are actual items or a leftover number somehow.


I’ll run a few tests when I get back and see what’s up


Okay so basically you had some items that had a NULL value for reading and definition.

Either A) You added them from the beta alchemizer or something and they weren’t added right (no big deal)
or B) Something messed up the saving

I regenerated 90% of the items properly so they should be available in your review queue.

If you don’t recognize them then I’ll assume it’s case A, and I can just delete them if you want (I added a special tag to them). If you recognize them then it’s case B and I’ve got a bug to look into.

Either way your queue should probably be fixed now. Sorry for any issues that might’ve caused.


Not sure if this is a bug but floflo always asks for the meaning first, never the reading. I’d prefer if it was random.


Thanks for fixing it so quickly.

I have just finished reviewing them and do recognize them after all.
And i ve never added anything from the beta alchemizer.

If i remember it correctly the items got stuck after a review session was wrapping up.


I wondered about this as well.

By the way, is this happening to anyone else?


If you mean the top part of the “x today” text being cut off, it has always been that way for me


@Raionus When you have an unset item in the alchemizer, it switches it to Accel World when you reload the page. Could it be set to keep the unset item?