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@Raionus when add my own word, the font sizes for kanji and hiragana appear different


Not at the moment. I’ll look into adding a feature like that if you’d like it.

Interesting, I’ll see if I can reproduce it. Even if I can’t I think I know how to fix it anyway tho

Anything for you OwO


Happens for me too! I forgot to report it :sweat_smile:


I also forgot to report it, but in the learn more tab of the lesson page, the back arrow doesn’t work. You have to cycle forward through all the books before getting back to the start.


That would be amazing! Also if it could show you how close you are to mastering a word too, that would be great!


@Raionus Could you add a feature that keeps me from periodically falling off the floflo wagon? :upside_down_face::wink:

600+ reviews to clean up…:cold_sweat:



finally 3000 words.
(I’m also neglecting floflo way too much…)


I’ll see if I can make something like WK’s vacation mode.



That’s just 5 word per day on average over the past three months… but I’m adding 10-15 words when I’m using floflo. So, yeah, that’s 50%+ of skipping :confused: that sounds like neglect to me.


I was mostly just making a joke about my inability to stay consistent but that might actually be a pretty useful solution, now that you mention it. :turtle::sunglasses::signal_strength:


Looks like I’m doing it right, though.


I may not be N1 or anything, but I have you beat in something!

I wonder if this means that I have the most words added on floflo out of all the users. If so, @Raionus you should add a leaderboard so I can flex on these kiddos.

If not, dont add a leaderboard and the guy in first is prolly a huge smelly loser with no life >:(


More than 600 new words since last month? You’ve been busy!


Yeah ive done 20 words a day since I started because I did that pace on WK and knew it would be doable. Although the days I finish a book I dont add extra to get to 20 which is why i dont have a pretty number ;w;

Also @Raionus whats the highest srs interval you have on the site


Hi do you think there could be any way for FloFlo to use community-generated mnemonics? b/c people like me need it to remember things


Just my two cents, but I would get in the habit of making your own mnemonics. Personally I do and I’m sure a lot of others do as well.

The reason I say this is because look at it this way. The amount of unique words that people have added is probably well over 10,000. This is nearly double what you’ll find on WK. Furthermore, not too many people use floflo right now, and even less would actually take time to type out their mnemonics for other people. I know I wouldn’t. What this would amount to would be a very small amount of words you add actually having mnemonics in the first place, not to mention the fact that you may not even like the mnemonic provided if it did exist.

So it definitely couldn’t hurt, but making your own mnemonics will be essential if you wish to use that form of study. Just wanted to put that out there. Also memrise does this and has quite a few mnemonics for words and a much larger user base, but even so I remember sometimes not finding a good one and needing to make one myself.


Out of curiousity, do you mnemonicify for all your vocab or just the ones you have trouble with? I generally do not bother unless it is a word that SRS is not managing for me, but maybe I need to rethink that lazy philosophy…:thinking::turtle:

p.s. after a long period of stagnation, I have just finished managing to clean up 900 reviews in floflo over the last two days…yay!





…except for katakana sometimes.

But the actual effort I put into the mnemonic and the initial remembering of it has dropped quite a bit on average and varies word to word. Some words are stupid easy and I just make a quick mnemonic, but others take some serious thought.

A lot are also incredibly offensive, which is another reason I wouldn’t want to add them, but I just relate them back to stuff in my everyday life. If you remember how on wk once you sorta had a stockpile of mnemonics for sounds ちょう, こう, こく, and so on they became a lot easier, right? Thats sorta how I’ve done it, so past a certain point the mnemonics take like no time at all.

For example, びる is always beer.

しな is always shiina from sakurasou

so しなびる (to shrivel) is just “when shiina drinks beer, her face shrivels up because she doesnt like it”

ひ is always “he”
けら is usually “kill a” or “killa”
かす is “kass” which is short for “kassadin” whos a champion from a game called League of legends.

So ひけらかす (to show off) is “when he kills a kass, he is super proud and shows it off to everyone”. Kassadin is really powerful under certain circumstances and killing him may be a big deal, so its sorta relatable.

Basically yeah, creating a bank of words to fit in with sounds is my recommendation, as it will speed up the mnemonic making process. So basically just be consistent.


Thanks! I think I might try that with this next batch. I kinda knew in the background that it would be a good idea, but it seemed like effort…but sometimes effort is worth it. :slightly_smiling_face::turtle::wave::sun_behind_small_cloud:


I did it. I used 10 without mnemonics as a control group and 23 with written mnemonics as a study group. I also blinded myself doubly. The results were better than I ever imagined. Thanks for setting me on the right path. This is gonna make life so much easier. :slightly_smiling_face::turtle::pizza: