[Full Release whenever lol] Floflo.moe - A WK-friendly website for reading


Yay ! I have been inputting manually ton of words recently, and this feature seriously cut the time in half.

Also, recently, like others, I encountered the bug of having to enter the reading of the previous item. It happen about once per review session usually. I couldn’t figure out a pattern, seems random :disappointed_relieved:

My settings :
chrome 71
Review Priority : oldest first
Lightning Mode : on
Unlimited undo : on
Same Wrong Answer : disabled
Pool Size : 1


Not an update but here’s a general update post about the current plans for the website.

Glad you like it.

AHHHHH. I haven’t encountered it yet but I’ll keep an eye out. I might just redo the javascript at this point lmao.


Small comments about the update post:


Pretty sure it’s 聲の形

Second point: the post was made by test-account instead of admin. Not a big deal, I guess. I just find it funny :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I agree that floflo has come a long way since the start of the beta. Amazing work! :tada:


I like the plan to roll some of your patreon tiers together. Keeping it simple = :ok_hand:

Also, in response to the post, just wanted to say thank you so much. Reading 時をかける少女 has been my first attempt at using FloFlo for a “proper” book (and getting further than the first chapter) and it’s been awesome throughout.


I wish I could have used Floflo more for 時をかける少女. Oh well… I would say “next book”, but honestly I need to focus on grammar more. Doing another SRS for vocab probably doesn’t make sense for me in the short- to mid-term.


I think it’s always good to have an area of focus at any one time. But hey, you know that if you ever decide to shift your focus to vocabulary, FloFlo is ready and waiting for you :wink:

@Raionus, not sure if this is just something dumb on my end, but the ‘continue learning’ menu link has started always taking me to the ‘singles’ page rather than the ‘alchemizer’ page. It used to remember.


Think it’s a bug with the alchemizer beta not saving it properly. I’ll fix it tonight.

Japanese is 3hard.


double digits, now gimme special rewards


Does anyone have a link to the userscript that let us add all vocab that we were viewing in one click? It had a bomb icon.



Update 1/19 - Convenience Features


  • Fixed continue learning link (I think?)


  • Added an option to clear all lessons


  • Shortcuts: 5/6 open up a link to EN/JP dictionary entries
  • Testing custom SRS timings on my account
  • Fix: Kanji doesn’t show parts of speech
  • Fix: Prefixes show up in parts of speech


  • Shortcuts: Added A/D shortcuts for moving to the prev/next items
  • Fix: Kanji doesn’t show parts of speech

Vocabulary Tables Beta:

  • Added 4 kanji list types
    • Default + jmdict only kanji lists (for primary book)
    • Overlapping + overlapping (jmdict only) kanji


@raionus I just tried to suggest a book but ‘something went wrong’. Not sure if it because you were just updating something but i’ll Try again when it’s a bit more stable


Double check that you were logged in. Otherwise, I’ll check it out in a bit


Login was the problem. I guess I need to sign up to the appropriate level of the Patreon to get it selected when it fails at voting.


@Raionus if you care about having the full oreshura series, I now have volumes 10,11,12, and 13 up on my account now. If you added them, I would definitely add words from them, but if you’re too busy its not the end of the world.


Yeah no problem. I’ll put them up around Friday-ish


Can you ban @Vanilla? I think it would be hilarious improve the site greatly.


Sorry, I don’t take requests from random level 1 users.


Is there a way that I can see all the words I´m currently learning or know?
*on flo flo


What about a level 3?