[Full Release whenever lol] Floflo.moe - A WK-friendly website for reading


Yeah, it’s that weird safari bug with the relative positions again. I just released something according to what TellowKrinkle said to do. Tell me if it works.


A few comments on the new interface for lessons.

  1. Learns words

There is a left arrow and right arrow, but clicking left don’t wrap to the end.

Ex : I have 220 words in lesson right now. When I’m at the end (panel 201-220), clicking on the right arrow correctly bring back to 1-20, but then clicking on the left arrow does nothing. It should wrap back to 201-220 IMHO

  1. The find words function is a bit more inconvenient now.

Before it was easy to check if a word is already in our review, and if not, add it to the lessons. Just search the word and if it’s not filled in blue, add it. But now we have to search two times, one time with Already know, and if it doesn’t show up, one time with Not know

  1. Find words seems also broken.

If I search for a word already in my review, it always appears even if the toggle is on Not Know

Example :

Query for 掴む
Already know : 掴む 引っ掴む
Not known : 掴む

Query for 引っ掴む
Already know : 引っ掴む
Not known : 引っ掴む

Edit :
Found the root cause for the last issue, it’s the semicolon in definition messing up again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
For example the 引っ掴む in Already know is “to snatch (at), to grab;” but the one in Not know is “to snatch (at), to grab”. And it seems most of my words in Already known have semicolon at the end of their definition.


Yeah, I quite liked that. It was a quick way to check.

Agreed - the switch button is much more clear :ok_hand:


Couple more notes (which you may already be aware of):

  • it’s possible to add the same word multiple times to your lessons (partly because of the bug Arzar33 noted where known words show up even when searching for unknown words, though I imagine there should be some kind of check anyway)

  • it would be nice if the page could remember what you had collapsed when you visit again; I always collapse the ‘learn more’ tab and it would be nice if it stayed that way

  • it would be cool if the item information panel showed up on the left when you click on a lesson item (under ‘learn words’, the same way it does when you use ‘find words’

  • I miss the Jisho links :pensive:


I’ll look into it. I may push the release date back two weeks or so to give some extra time.

Sure, I’ll put them back in when I push out the next update for the lessons page


Thank you!

  • it’s possible to add the same word multiple times to your lessons (partly because of the bug Arzar33 noted where known words show up even when searching for unknown words, though I imagine there should be some kind of check anyway)

Scratch that one - I was just being an idiot :grin:


I’m just starting out with Flo Flo - I think I understand the concept:

  1. pick a book you want to read
  2. extract all the kanji/vocab you don’t already know
  3. Use SRS to learn kanji/vocab
  4. read/enjoy the book

In skimming through the UI as a first-time user I have a few questions:

  1. When adding a new book, instead of having to click ‘add/trash/ignore’ several thousand times, is there an ‘add all’ button I could use? I could then trash/ignore words I already know upon first seeing them in my lessons.

  2. What do you consider the ‘already known’ threshold for WK levels, is it any lesson, or Guru level, or…? Only, I am supposedly a master at 300+ WK words and honestly when some come round into my reviews it’s like I’m seeing them for the first time!

  3. If this happens, can I manually re-add a word that Flo Flo thinks I ought to know?

Sorry if all these have been asked already - this is a long thread!


is obviously not Raionus

Just do exactly this, but at the vocabulary list stage. The idea isn’t really to ‘add a book’ all at once, thereby giving yourself thousands of lessons (which would be a bit overwhelming). Just tackle the vocab list itself a bit at a time, adding and then doing lessons; I see the stage where I parse through the vocab list as a part of the learning process.

I believe it’s any item from that level (even if not actually learned) - the logic is that there’s no point learning it in FloFlo if you will soon see it in WK. I personally used to set my WK level on FloFlo to be one below my actual level so that it only filtered stuff I’d actually done lessons for, but I got fed up of constantly having to delete words in FloFlo after learning them in WK literally days later, so now I keep it at my current level. I should really just input my API key…

Yep - words which FloFlo thinks you know via WK aren’t actually trashed, (marked ‘known’), they’re just filtered out of vocabulary lists. That means you can still add them manually via ‘Find Words’ under ‘Lessons’.

totally O.o

Just wanted to point out also that there is some variability in how people use FloFlo. Nath for example doesn’t pre-learn but just adds words as they encounter them in the book. Personally I’ve been doing a mix for 時をかける少女 and finding it to work really well. I pre-learnt the high frequency words (I drilled down from 5+ to 3+) and now while reading I use it as a prescient dictionary and add ‘worthwhile’ words from the remaining frequency 1/2 words (ignoring any which aren’t worth learning now but might be in future).

prepares to be wrong when Raionus provides actual official correct answers


Thanks for your help!

The idea isn’t really to ‘add a book’ all at once, thereby giving yourself thousands of lessons (which would be a bit overwhelming).

I am thirsty tho.


Enjoy :ok_hand:

I had to scroll for what felt like an hour to find the above linked post. Yes I know there is a search feature


Huuu @Raionus
Just doing some reviews when bam

(Did I just walk in while you were updating stuff?)

Edit: just reloading the page fixed it, but…


I dunno, I haven’t updated anything in a few days so that’s on my hosting provider.


It’s been a hot minute since I last posted patch notes

Update 1/1 - 1/11: Lessons Page Improvements


  • Re-added ability to create custom vocab (go to find words or click the + in the word info preview thing)
  • Re-added jisho/goo links (preview window) @Radish8
  • Last-opened tabs are now remembered (cookie)
  • Known words in search are marked with a blue border @Arzar33
  • Clicking a lesson now shows a preview of the word’s info
  • Searching for nothing clears the current search
  • Height issues fixed
  • Back button takes you to the end correctly (pagination)
  • “Not Known” search -> “All”


  • Specified which PoS tags are allowed to be seen (may still have some weird quirks)
  • Streak counter added
  • Hover streak to see accuracy & statistics for the current section


  • Certain information now hidden on mobile (for a slightly cleaner interface)
  • Fixed issues with the +more stuff appearing when it shouldn’t

Alchemizer Beta

  • Fully function for vocabulary
  • Remembers that it was used (if you go to books->continue learning) so it’s in a testable state now if people are interested
  • Only shows 50 words on screen (but will refill up to 150 words) until I set up pagination for it


If anybody wants to try to persuade me how to vote one way or another in the latest book poll, I’m open to persuasion :stuck_out_tongue:

in other news, it continues to annoy me that Vanilla’s FloFlo appreciation thread always comes up first in the results when I search ‘FloFlo’…


I just voted for 魍魎の匣, since it contains half of the most useful word ever (魑魅魍魎) and a kanji I had never seen before (匣).
I didn’t even check what the story was about.

Edit: WAIT, wikipedia says:


What do we start with the second book of a series?


They’re standalone, as far as I know, but it’s the most known one. Like, the one that got an anime.

I actually don’t know


Hm, from I can see on wikipedia, the main characters are the same, but they are basically solving a different case every time, which makes them standalone, I guess.


Maybe I should start chilling on bookmeter all day or something so I have a better idea of what books to choose from. After running polls for like 6 months I’m running out of ideas lol.


Well, you do have a bunch of recommendations, anyway, but what about just googleing “genre おススメ”?


Theres something up with the indicator for the next word. It displays the previous word.


Funny you mention that word, because look at whats at the end of the book im on. This is actually the second time I have seen it too, so its already been a lot more useful than some other words Ive learned.