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Yeah I’ll definitely consider adding it back in. There’s a few bugs to fix before I try and add extra functionality.

I agree. It’s weird looking.

The title of what you’re filtering by appears next to the lessons section heading.

It works by being dumb. I’m going to simplify it but basically it counts the # of books that you have over X (20?) amount of active words/lessons in. So like you’ve learned a decent amount of words from 7 books I guess lol

I keep track of when books are supposed to be added on Patreon. Going in to the new year though I think I’ll try and put them up on the 20th and 1st or something


So this seems like both a weird place and time to post about this, but I was technically asked in this thread, so I’ll answer in this thead…?
@NicoleRauch My 佐伯沙弥香 made a surprise arrival way before I expected. I don’t have time to read a lot because it’s christmas eve, but I read the first few pages and it doesn’t seem bad to me. I was reading with comprehension without looking anything up, but there are words I don’t know. No furigana (except on uncommon kanji like 蟬), but I think that I’ll have a somewhat leisurely time of it.

I don’t really know your level though, so I can only speak for myself!


Thanks for letting me know! I’ve added the book to my list. (Now I only need to figure out whether I actually prefer to read e-books or physical books… :wink: )

Regarding my level, I think I’m far from having a leisurely time with any Japanese text tbh… I’m at an early N3 stage, so grammar-wise I’m kinda getting along with reading stuff like e.g. Toki wo kakeru shoujo - I’m just lacking a ton of vocab. (Which doesn’t worry me because it will come over time as I’m adding new words every day; it just makes reading quite slow for now.)


Is there a way to mass remove items from your lesson queue. So if say you added too many words, or added a set of words and changed your mind, can you select a group easily instead of clicking individually?


I’m thinking of this (below) maybe? I need to test it on a bunch of devices and browsers though to make sure it doesn’t have some horrendous side effects.


@Raionus Not sure if you’ve already mentioned it elsewhere, but im curious how you calculate exp. Right now I have a level for every 100 words added more or less, but I wasn’t sure if this was a coincidence or not.

EDIT: Gojarappe is the best, I appreciate the like <3


I made it like six months ago but I think it was

+2/1 xp for each right/wrong review
+1 xp for each lesson added or trashed


All questions are dumb questions but…I can’t seem to figure out how to alchemize all of the sudden…Am I missing something simple or is it currently in the shop being altered?


I can’t find a direct link to it from the menu either, but there is a link to it on the singles page. Here’s a link to it in case you’re feeling too lazy to check the singles page:


Thank you kind sir. I am much obliged. bows profoundly before exiting stage leftfalls off stagebreaks a leg


I’m now a Durthlic Priest. Thank you Wanikani.

Here’s a work in progress of the new Alchemizer.

Also the lessons page will get its first update tomorrow. There’s various improvements + you’ll be able to drag over items to quickly selected them.


@Raionus I think you forgot to make the “december book voting” patreon poll close automatically, since it doesn’t say “ends in x days” or anything like that.(and since, well, it hasn’t closed but the other ones you posted at the same time have).

Also, I like that the search tab has a toggle instead of a checkbox now! It’s a lot clearer what you’re supposed to select now.


Oh shit, looks good (also purple is my favorite color, how did you know?!)

Were you planning on making the words any bigger to fit the box?


Best color

Yeah must’ve

Eh I have a huge headache from all the New Years drinking D’:


Lucky for the people who wanted bunny girl, because I realized I didnt vote and voted for that which added it to the already existing 2 way tie.

dabs conflictingly

EDIT: Small bug. Says theres one more entry when there isnt



Unfinished version of the new Alchemizer. Should be finished before Sunday. Anyway, happy new year.


Happy new year!

Not sure if youre aware of the bug that can occur with text if your browser is too zoomed in, but it looks a little like this:



I think I might have found a bug. Sorry if it’s already known. When learning new words it literally counts everything as wrong regardless if what i type is right. Happens in both English and Japanese answers.


Hmm interesting. It has something to do with the ruby tags IIRC. It’s on it’s way out though sooooo

I haven’t been able to reproduce it so far. Do you know where you got the words from (what book, or if it was from the word search thing)? Or the words you’re having trouble with. I’ll try to reproduce it on my end.

Maybe some necessary formatting got messed up somehow.


Bug: the lessons on mobile have the same issue that review had a while ago:
(Here the reading tag is from two words ago, the meaning from the previous word)