[Full Release whenever lol] Floflo.moe - A WK-friendly website for reading


You need to do it on the account-> preferences page.

Maybe, I don’t know. I’m reworking the vocabulary tables interface the same way I’m reworking the lessons page at the moment. We’ll see what can and can’t get done by release. There’s a lot up in the air right now but I’m busting ass trying to get as much done as possible.


Ah, no worries! That was rather meant to be a suggestion for Floflo, not a feature request for me :slight_smile:


@Raionus I see you put in the new lesson page.
Any chance you will put back the upcoming review count? It really helps to know what I’ll be facing 24h later…
(If possible, something like the ultimate timeline would be best, but just the 1h/24h one would be nice).


Yeah it’ll be in the side bar under your level and stuff. You can hover over the ‘reviews’ thing and it’ll show how many you have in a day for now.


Yo @Radish8 or @Naphthalene how does this even work?

So after 1 hour has elapsed I’m at 68 reviews. After 23 hours I get another review, so then I’m at 69 reviews.

Should the “23 HR” label show +2 or +1? I feel like +2 makes more sense in my head but maybe people would think that they’re getting 3 more reviews in than span?


Looks nice!

That’s the way WK displays it.
However, if you write 23h, it sounds like you are talking about the next hour, and then the 23h after that. In that case, it should be +1 and +1.

So, I’d say that 24h-> inclusive-> +2
23h-> exclusive-> +1

You should also add a tooltip on hover to explain how it works, no matter what you chose.


I’d make it display:

“1 within 1HR”
“2 within 23HR”

or perhaps just ditch the plus sign as that’s what’s making it confusing imo?


Yeah, having the 23 hr label show all reviews coming up in the next 23 hours (even if they’re already represented in the 1 hr label) makes the most sense to me and is consistent with WK.

But I’d agree with Naph that covering the next 24 hours would be less ambiguous, because otherwise it seems like ‘23 hr’ may refer to the 23 hours after the ‘1 hr’.

Also agree with neicul that the + signs make it more confusing.


Woah! The new lessons page looks so slick! Rip my learning, I’m going to be hovering over the books I have selected to make them expaaaaand and decreeeeease. >.<

Is there usually an estimate for when new vocabulary lists are added? Definitely looking forward to some of the items that placed high on the voting.

I must say @Raionus that this website is amazing! It has saved me so much grief and has made reading my first book significantly easier. I hope to use it more and more in the future, especially for Penguin Highway, and fingers crossed Wolf Children. Thank you for all your hard work!~


@Raionus how does the books thing work. It says I have 7 when ive only completed like 4.5 books. Is it just meant to track from how many books youve added words? Also just in case you didnt know, it shows your name and level 20 and whatnot for a split second before changing to my stats.


Oh, I thought @Raionus knew about that… But thinking about it, that might not be the case, since it would not be possible to see the difference in their case.

Additional stuff (just in case):

  • The counter you get when hovering over the green xp bar is a bit broken; it shows total xp/ xp required to get to the next level (should be total xp required to get to the next level). It shows 61918/1750 for me for instance.
  • The number of review for today is cut by the url bar




Just found a minor glitch: When hovering over the Reviews indicator at the top of the page, it shows a tooltip (with the number of today’s reviews, I guess). For me this tooltip is only half visible; the upper half sticks out of the page at the top.


(This is Chrome on Mac.)


Psha, those are rookie numbers


I think that’s how it’s working - I’ve got 5 books but I’ve only added a few words from a couple of those. I don’t really know how it would tell that you’d completed a book, unless you never used the ‘ignore’ function :thinking:

It would be cool if you could see a list of those books somewhere though.

@Raionus - I find the two check boxes under ‘Find Words’ pretty confusing. It’s not quite clear whether I want them ticked or not (like, if it’s unticked and says “search words”, does that mean it is searching words, or do I need to tick it for it search words?).

It would also be nice if the ‘Filter By’ button stayed blue or something when active, rather than just on hover. Then you’d be able to see visually whether you were still filtering by that book.


If the only remaining words in your wordlist are from the final x% of the book where x is some number greater than 5 or so to leave space for afterwords and such. Personally that’s what I would do if not just some option to mark a book as completed.

Mayhaps, but have you found the secret cheat code that allows your account to ascend to a higher plane of existence and become a god


Just to say I love the new look of the lesson page. You’re awesome. That is all. :slight_smile:




I can’t seem to figure out how to add my own words since the Lessons page (which looks lovely!) was updated. Am I missing something or has that functionality been removed?


While I can’t figure out how to add my own words either, I have managed to figure out that you can use the search feature to find most words and add them that way, so at least that seems to be possible: