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I released a patch yesterday that zapped dumb/unpopular definitions. Ex: screenshot below

Anyway, I guess I set the filter too high so some words got lost in the process. Anyway, I’ll just lighten the filter up and explore some other options.

Also are you not gonna finish WK :open_mouth:


Is it possible to add the threshold as a user setting? That could be convenient…

Also, if the correct word is still possible to find and add from the search tool on the lesson page, I guess it could also be fine as #wontfix.


Possibly. I’ll see how much time I have before release. For now the filter is just set really low right so 99% of things should be getting in.

Thanks a lot I’ll try and add them after the update on Sunday.

It takes maybe 10-15 minutes per item at the moment. I don’t have an automated process so I just do some work on them and then manually enter a bunch of SQL commands. It’s not too bad, since I’ve never had an overwhelming number of scripts (yet).

I think I’ll try and automate some of process this time.


It’s a secret :stuck_out_tongue:




Hey Raionus, I uh … just joined and can’t seem to add lessons to queue. When I select and item then hit the queue button, the lessons automatically end, saying “No Lessons Detected”. Not sure if I’ve hit a bug or if I’m doing something wrong. Same thing happens on Safari for macOS, Safari for iOS (no error message, just automatically ends lessons) and Chrome for macOS.


Do you have a dash in your username? There was a weird error occurring with that that I think I just fixed.

Sorry you had issues. I just fixed something with the review page. Did it fix the issue you were having?


“Finish” in what sense? All burned?

Continuing my subscription did not seem like a very efficient use of my limited monies.


I think @Raionus was probably referring to you being level 59 and not subscribed.


Zero loyalty :disappointed: smh





I get this is probably the joke you’re making but I wanted to make it too D:


unsuspecting yuri loli gets ass pounded with facts


EDIT: nevermind, it’s just that the icon doesn’t change anymore from 9->1 to 1->9 (it’s alway 1->9 now), so I have probably clicked twice.
I’m still keeping the following text for context.

@Raionus It might be due to the changes you are implementing right now, but I can’t reorder my reviews anymore.
I like to do them in ascending order, since the low level items (i.e. apprentice) are the one I want to focus on, while the rest can just rot in the pile until I have time to deal with them, but as of now clicking the button doesn’t do anything anymore (I still get the pop up telling me that reorder will happen after the current question… but it doesn’t)


Hey, it works on Safari for iOS now. Thanks! Sorry, I’m traveling so I can’t test any other browser at the moment. (And no, my username is the same as it is here.)

I love the site btw… I was aleady using it as a “what book should I buy” guide before I created an account. :slight_smile:


How do you get books added again? You have to nominate them for a poll or something right? Or did I somehow make that up?


Previously by commenting here, but probably by using this page now:


Do you know what I’m doing wrong ? :sweat_smile:

It keeps saying something went wrong.


I usually get that error if I’m not signed in, so maybe try signing in first?


Yeah that was it, thank you. :blush:


In the word list for 時をかける少女 I still bump into words that don’t belong to that book (most recent example: なんていうもんだ -> Floflo lists もむ).

So I was wondering, maybe it might make sense to add a button to flag such words, so that they can be (semi-)automatically removed from the book’s list?

EDIT: Or maybe it would already be enough to indicate this at the word, some icon or something, reflecting the meaning of “X people believe this word does not belong to this book”. So subsequent users of the list can be wary about the word, if they want to pre-learn the book’s vocab.