[Full Release whenever lol] Floflo.moe - A WK-friendly website for reading


I have exploded my website as usual


Don’t worry, citizen. This is simply a SNAFU.


Make the pain stop

edit: that was a mega yikes


You clicked the add button 1,250 times!

Also when is Kitsun releasing?


Is it time for that thread title again?

Now thats dedication, amirite?




I wanna do a full release of this website so that I can stop breaking it every week.

Edit: I felt like we had some good conversations in this thread for the past two days and I just buried it in my autism


It might just be on my end, but for the last day or so FloFlo has not been remembering my login between sessions.


Maybe the ‘remember me’ button wasn’t checked? I dunno because I don’t mess with that kind of core wordpress stuff but tell me if it keeps up.

Also thanks to the people who helped uncover issues over the last week/week and a half. I’m preparing for a big under-the-hood kind of update on Sunday and then I’ll get to work on it.

I’m prepping Floflo to launch on the 20th of January.


Ah, perhaps it logged me out one time and then I forget to re-check the button. Derp. I’ll let you know anyhow and thanks for helping my derpitude



Yeah thanks I’ve been working hard for the past two weeks trying to change it into a manageable site instead of a permanent experiment hosted on the Wanikani forums.


It’s been a fun experiment though :grin: what I’ve seen of the upcoming new lesson page looks very slick :+1: hope your exams went well too! (you had some kind of exams, right? have I just gone mad? probable…)


What’s your plan regarding the launch? With that I mean, what is the difference between now and then? Less frequent updates due to more testing (so less things breaking), changing the business model or something else? :smiley:


Better: posting a link on reddit. :ok_hand:

(More seriously, I’m pretty hyped about the new version :raising_hand_woman:)


I just pseudo PMed you my visual novel scripts! :slightly_smiling_face: They’re scripts for Chaos;Head Noah, Chaos; Head Love Chu Chu, Diabolik Lovers: Haunted Dark Bridal, Subarashiki Hibi, Dies Irae: Interview with Kaziklu Bey (a side story for Dies Irae), and Axanael. Hopefully there are others who’d also like to read those visual novels. :grinning: All 100% cleaned up – thanks to @brrricane for kindly helping with that.

Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu has a lot of routes, so I rearranged the script to follow this particular walkthrough: http://seiya-saiga.com/game/galge/vita/chaos_head_dual_vita.html Or, in other words, the route order of Rimi, Ayase, Kozue, Yua, Sena, Nanami, Seira. Maybe it would be useful to mention that info on Flo Flo for people who want to see words in the right order.

I’d be happy to submit more visual novel scripts in the future, since I’ve been getting the hang of how to extract and clean them up. Is it a lot of work to convert scripts into a Flo Flo vocabulary list? Do you prefer only receiving scripts that have already been requested by a number of people? I worry I might be inadvertently inconveniencing you by submitting too many :sweat_smile:


青い花 was pretty tasteful I think (at least the anime adaption was).


Notably, written by the same person who did 放浪息子!


Yep! I loved both those anime. I’ll be buying the first manga volume of 放浪息子 with my next haul to read with @Naphthalene whenever we can find time.


Dat subtle hint :joy_cat:


Hahah I did not mean it like that, I have the same situation with Kitsun so I’m speaking from experience :stuck_out_tongue:


@Raionus I have a weird situation sorta.

So I came across たらしこむ, but this was the 誑し込む kind rather than the 垂らし込む kind. Well the word list only listed 垂らし込む as possible readings and only gave that definition. However when I searched the site, たらし込む is listed as a word with 誑し込むs definition. Is this just some weird thing with the parser or an issue with displaying all guesses (because yes, before you ask, I have all guesses on).