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I feel like I remember not having to type the stuff in parentheses on floflo before.

@Raionus A bug, or am I just misremembering?


Someone else just reported it the other day. It’s a bug where if you type (anything) at the start of a field it won’t get rid of it properly. Just add ‘contract’ as a synonym for now


'Tis I!
Except if someone else else reported it as well.


That makes three!!!

Anyway, I like Yagate Kimi ni Naru since it try to take itself seriously as a story. I like yuri because the genre has a clearly defined aesthetic but its often lacking in terms of actual plot (aside from the “oh noes, we’re both girls but I’m still horny!” thing). Hopefully this catches on and yuri steps up its game a bit.


According to tweets from the editor, the manga had sold 700000 copies in total a while ago, and has been selling 5.9 times as much after the anime started compared to before, so it doesn’t seem impossible that somebody someday will think “hey, that sold well. Maybe I/we should try something like that?”


I’m not sure I have a lot of confidence in your definition for this one FloFlo :joy: but I am astonished that all three books I’ve got my eye on have characters taking up farming, or perhaps just considering their options in life.


Well…sometimes you give up farming…and then sometimes you regret having given it up. It happens to all of us at some time or other…:upside_down_face::evergreen_tree::snowflake::turtle:


Exactly. I like Citrus, for comparison, but my main criticism of Citrus was that the author knew she was writing yuri, and it colored everything. It went a little farther at times, taking some things seriously (Yuzu taking a moment to actually consiser that she may never get married), BUT, it was still there. Every chapter must have it’s mandated kiss! Every volume of the tankoubon needs to have the intentonally, sensationalizing, titilating “secret love affair with sisters” on the cover! Etc.

It’s great to see yagate kimi ni naru just… be a story.

I don’t know, never underestimate any entertainment industry’s ability to learn all the exact wrong lessons from something’s success. I imagine we will see people copying yagate, but the parts we like…?


That’s actually pretty hilarious but also like what books/settings do you have because this is what I see

I was actually surprised to see that a lot of the big yuri works (Strawberry Panic, Maria-sama, Flowers, etc.) were written by women because they seem so heavily fetishized. Maybe it’s just a case of them tailoring it to a male demographic? Or maybe they just really like women.

Yeah I dunno I just legit thought for a long time that yuri was a genre written by men like how yaoi was written by women but I guess not lol.

Anyway I just want a yuri anime with a plot and a budget


I know what you mean. I think it’s a case of LGBT content being basically in the same bag as incest and, er, assault-y things and all that, where it’s not actually “okay” in real life so it just exists to titillate in fiction. Like, that feels like a much bigger thing in Japan. The whole, “haha he pretends to be a woman. That would be terrible in real life but in Lovely Complex it’s some good laughs!” Mentality (though I’m not pretending things like queerbaiting don’t exist in the English-speaking world).

But I know attitudes are shifting and I like to think of things like やがて君になる as a sign of a further shift among the younger generations of viewing it as, you know, an actual, real-life thing instead of just some wacky fun.


Hmm, interesting…! I have it set to show all guesses so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t at least display that definition of きのう as well.

I’m doing the vocab list for 時をかける少女, with 霧のむこうのふしぎな町 and 魔女の宅急便 as the first and second matches respectively. I’m viewing the Primary List with Overlapping Frequency 1 Words, and have it set to show frequency 1+.

I think I already ignored the word (I guess I didn’t trash it just in case someone took up farming in a future book?) but I can report back in a month :stuck_out_tongue:

W H A T  I N  T A R N A T I O N

Yeah, I got it to reproduce. It must be something wrong with one of the lists in particular. Maybe I missed one of those books when I rescanned all the books a while back.

Anyway, a mostly finished version of the new lessons page is available if people want a sneak preview of that. Still a few bugs and it has 0 resizability atm but it’s mostly done.

It’s also got a statistics tab which people have been asking for for 3719237 months.


woke my partner up by laughing :see_no_evil:

Glad you were able to reproduce it anyway. I wonder what other exciting oddities that’s caused ^^

You’ve been making a new lessons page?!

I’m level 10?! :star_struck:


Yee. I designed it to take a similar amount of reviews to level as Wanikani does. Wondering what @Naphthalene’s level is because he actually uses my website more than I do lmao


Mobile might need some more work ^^

Edit: Oh snap people gonna judge me for my level

Edit2: how did I get 1.25k exp without doing anything :smiley:


Not sure.
I haven’t done any lessons in ages because no time. I was keeping up with reviews, but things are getting out of hands at work.

Just tried the lessons and :thinking:


I really like how it looks! Although Obaa-san is a bit sad because it doesn’t have an image, heh.

I feel like the ‘filter by’ buttons need to give some feedback on whether they’re activated or not (e.g. staying blue or whatever the colour is once you’ve clicked them). Will there still be a way of accessing the Jisho links (perhaps in-lesson)?

I have not trashed as many words as I thought :thinking:


Yeah, like I said, no resizing yet. I’m away from home and I don’t have a mouse so it’s impossible for me to test any media queries.

I’m migrating the new files over atm it’ll take a min


I should read better before clicking shiny links :sweat_smile:


Just checked, and I am level 35, with 61.4K xp.