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There was one for November :thinking: but I guess nothing for December yet…

@Raionus, I have a smol suggestion. When you get to the end of a review session and get the ‘moving to overview’ message, I think it would make it more clear that the session was over if you could make the little black ‘reading’/‘meaning’ tag above the input box disappear.

I can’t believe Spowoky Owoky Pumpkin isn’t getting more support :sob:


I can’t even access the page list :cry:
(Well, maybe with a direct link, I don’t know)


If you mean the page with the “november haul” thing Raionus posted last month, here’s a link to it: https://floflo.moe/november-haul/

It’s also on the front page though, so I’m guessing you should be able to see it there too.

Also, I just noticed books 3 - 5 of a series were added but book 2 wasn’t :thinking:


We have it on good authority from Raionus that book 2 is utter trash :joy:


Awesome! Thanks! Time to learn words that no one uses from a century ago!!! :turtle: not sarcasm, fyi…yes I am slightly addicted to words… :upside_down_face: Also, the potential new lessons page looks pretty nifty. Oh btw, batman is still in a wait-and-see mood so nothing definite from him yet, but I am still working that angle…:bat::signal_strength:


@Raionus Just wanted to make sure you saw this and get your thoughts.


Oh, I see :thinking:
I have floflo always open, so I don’t check the front page that often.


First my kanji were screaming at me, and now they’ve hidden from me. :frowning: Please help.

And when I drop it to a Level 2 frequency level, it lists 10 Unknown but only shows 3 kanji.


Seems like the counts are off :open_mouth:
I’ll look into it on Saturday when finals are over.

It would be nice but frequency is frequency to me. It appears enough, I learn the word. I’d rather people just learn some vocab on my website without them having to do a bunch of statistical analysis on whether or not it’s ultra-efficient.

Yeah I need to remember to actually handle the blog components of that better.

I still stand by that statement.


The website could do the statistical analysis for them. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s more or less what I expected you to say though. I was just curious what you thought. My time is very limited so I’m trying to optimize what I learn as much as possible.


You know, floflo has never really clicked with me, I just feel like-
Wait is that a book about 沙弥香? It has a vocabulary list on here?

heavy breathing


Does that really mean what it reads? The smells of juvenile male buddhist priests?
OMG I can imagine some smells there…


It’s the name of a character from the series やがて君になる(Her name’s Saeki Sayaka). In other words,

that’s probably not what the book is about(though I do have to admit, that would probably have been a pretty unique book if it was). I do have to admit I haven’t read it yet, but I suspect there aren’t a lot of buddhist novices in it. Sorry to disappoint you.


I had actually hoped that it was about something entirely different :joy_cat:

Thanks for the clarification!


She’s the character in the series I most want to see happy (because she’s the only character that’s actually gay)

Of course the book is all about her failures in being happy but oh well.


Even leaving aside Yuu and Touko, what about the teacher and the cafe owner? They also exist.


They’re just not very prominent in the story so far. I like them though.
And to be clear, aside from really liking the part of the series thar has actually investigated her character, the thing that makes me happy is how she is forthrightly “I can only like women” gay, which I attribute to やがて君にやる being written like a more serious story than yuri I’m used to.
What I mean by that is, Japanese media has a tendency to go the route of “someone is fated for me, and by coincidence, that person is x gender” or the ever pervasive “if it’s you, it’s okay,” and try to side-step the actual issue of sexual orientation. There’s this feeling of “I’m normal with an exception” in a lot of this stuff.
Up until Sayaka’s situation got a deep-dive, there was every indication that 君になる was going to sidestep as well, with Yuu not really knowing what she likes at all, and Touko only liking Yuu because Yuu doesn’t like anyone (acting somewhat demisexual if anything).
So Sayaka being clearly a straight-up gold-star lesbian is a breath of fresh air in my Japanese media that I haven’t felt since 放浪息子)

Anyway I’ll stop derailing now~


Thanks for the thorough intro to the book, I’ve added it to my list!
(If only Floflo wouldn’t claim that I don’t know 2920 words :laughing:)

But at least the book’s vocab list looks refreshing with all the proper kanji words! How hard is it grammar-wise, what do you think?


I haven’t read it so I couldn’t say (we’re talking about the manga series/anime adaptation that this book is a spinoff of), but given how people talk in the source material and the subject matter (just school age stuff), I can’t imagine it’d be too much harder than any other light novel aimed at younger audiences and set in the real world.
I just ordered it though so I’ll be able to say how bad it is eventually >_>


At 3.8k unique words it’s not too bad. That’s about what I you’d expect from a book meant for early middle schoolers. 5000+ tends to be high school level.

You can turn on the “no katakana words” filter and stuff to get a more accurate number as well.