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I like seeing the number on the “vocabulary” tab slowly go up, and I used the “trash” tab the one time I trashed something by accident instead of adding it, but I don’t really use anything else than the lessons tab and occasionally the “add” one otherwise.


I am using leech to check, well, my leeches.
I wanted to ask, by the way, what happens if I remove something from “leech”?

I also like the number below Vocabulary, like @ditto20.


I do use vocabulary. In particular after a batch of reviews, I check through the latest items in the vocabulary tab to go over incorrect ones, add mnemonics, etc.

I don’t really use trash (I guess if you trash something by accident you can always search for it, though that assumes you remember it exactly), and I don’t use leech, but I really ought to use leech and I feel like it’s a useful feature in principle :sweat_smile:


Is this actually lower than average? It says it’s +0.70%.



Looks like a sign problem :eyes: 4.49+0.7 = 5.19


An else statement gone wrong :eyes:

@seanblue should be fixed in a minute. Thanks for reporting :ok_hand:

Should just remove the word. It’s just the vocabulary tab but it only shows leeches.

Me too :thinking:

@Radish8 @Naphthalene thanks for sharing. Seems like everyone uses the tabs sometimes but pretty rarely so I’ll think more before I decide whether or not to nuke them.


Oh good I didn’t do that then.
Is there a way to tell floflo “don’t worry, I got this now”?
Get it all the way to “burned” status?


Pretty much :wink:


Wait, I just checked, and there’s one I trashed recently in there.
漂う, I got it in WK anyway, so it does not have to bother me in floflo as well.

Inspecting it, it has indeed the queue level 99 (trashed). However, it still appears in the list.
Also, there are a bunch of level 9, which I thought meant burned.


The leech list?

Level 9 is a level and if you get it right it’ll appear like never or something IIRC


Yeah, the leech list.


@Raionus I’m kind of questioning the value of learning a word with frequency 2 or 3 if all of the occurrences of the word are in close succession. To me, that doesn’t indicate usefulness so much as it being part of a single conversation.

Any thoughts on adding a way to detect how bunched up the occurrences of a word are? It would be nice to have another setting where you can say “count multiple occurrences of a word as a single occurrence if they appear within X words of each other”.


@Raionus I have no idea about how it happened, but one of my words seems to have had its meaning changed so its the same as that of another one I recently added:

(It’s the top word in the picture, which definitely does not mean “cheek”).


Yeah that’s something. Did you queue them up as lessons at the same time? Like I’m thinking it might be something with the pre-lesson quiz page.


Nope, one was a really old word, the other was one I added earlier that day.


@Raionus any chance you could add こころ by 夏目漱石? It appears to be freely (and legally) available online: https://www.aozora.gr.jp/cards/000148/files/773_14560.html.


Yeah, @Raionus. Didn’t we reach a patreon milestone that said you would add 12 Aozora books to the site? :angrykoichi:

Just kidding; take your time.

But don’t forget :angrymami:


Btw @Naphtalene congrats on level 60 !! :partying_face: Hope you will write one of those big celebratory post, your perspective on WK is unusual.

@Raionus, I think I found a little bug with optional stuff in bracket in definition. For example the definition of 花びら is : “(flower) petal”, but during review just entering “petal” is not accepted, I had to enter the full “flower petals”


I did it a month ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the heads up. I was able to reproduce it so there should be a fix soon (doing finals at university atm).

Yeah sure, why not in a couple days.

Also new lessons page maybe?


Oops, nevermind then :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, are the monthly haul articles gone for good? I found them helpful to keep track of what is added :slight_smile: