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I was also dreaming. It was of a world where code I put in three months ago didn’t randomly break. Today I awoke from that dream.

Are you suggesting I tamper with the votes??


Sometimes I have that dream too. It’s nice while it lasts.


I broke something…

All the books keep doing this. But it goes back to normal when I add them to lessons.


:joy: :joy: :joy:



The website tends to reflect my mental state


Somebody has now voted for my mistaken entry too :see_no_evil:


It’s all part of the democratic process




In what form does a visual novel script need to be in order to be used on Flo Flo? Would something like this be good enough (whole decrypted script but with lines of code in English in between)?

I think it’s my first time posting here but I’ve been lurking and l would love to see more visual novels on Flo Flo.


This should be easy for someone to convert to a useable format. I had to do something similar for the one or two visual novel scripts that I looked at.

In this case, if all text lines start with a quote, someone could just pull those lines out and have a fairly clean script. I’d have to see more of it to know if that would actually catch everything or if there’s more work to be done but it’s pretty easy either way.

I’m not sure what the policy is for submitting this stuff now though beyond the suggestions page (great addition btw @Raionus).


Thanks so much you for your input! I’d be happy to send you more or the whole thing if you’d like to take a look. It would be wonderful if you could check if your method works :tulip: Or at least explain in more detail how to do this? Sorry to bother you!

It’s Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu BTW :blush:

And yeah I wonder how to submit this stuff to Raionus. The suggestions page does say: “you’ll need to hook me up with someone who can extract the script or link me to a source that has it extracted already.”


You can post the extracted script on pastebin or google docs or something and link me.

Anyway, yeah, your script seems like it might be fine with a bit of regex replacements and whatnot.


Thanks! Should I link it in this thread or somewhere else?


You can do it here or you can @me in the pseudo PM’s thread


Is there any chance of an app for this being made? o: And Thankyou so much for creating this! It makes me even more eager to learn Japanese cx


We did it! We got Overlord back on the poll! :tada:

I have no idea why it’s now 972 yen though. I could have sworn it was 580 or so when I looked at it a week ago.


They probably raised the price due to excessive demand :wink:



Unfortunately not because I don’t have the resources available to do it :o


Bug report:
The aspect ratio of book covers in singles got… weird.
It looks pretty slick in the alchemizer though :ok_hand:


Update 12/9 General stuff

  • Added a bit of support for url query strings (for primary lists)

    • Added a share button that’ll generate the link for you
    • You can now right click -> open in new tab things on the All Books menu (I didn’t forget) @seanblue
  • Suggestions page

    • Added
    • Fixed certain characters not working right [()?]
  • Study Page

    • Fixed reading/definition notes not updating on study page
    • Made + improved this script that extracts the example sentences & synonyms from goo (for verbs)
  • Vocab Tables

    • Added a hiragana-only filter
    • Tightened up katakana filter (fixed stuff like ピョンピョン getting through) thanks @Naphthalene
    • Reduced hiragana + katakana filter time by like 3 seconds
    • Improved verb-filtering to catch more verbs than it used to (ex: movement verbs)


Does anyone actually use any of the tabs besides lessons? Like, I’m considering simplifying the page by only having a lessons, add, and filter button.