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Would you recommend wasting two minutes of one’s life on that?:thinking:

Flowers only had one vote when I saw the page the first time.




@Belthazar it’s neither vt or vi though. I’ve seen verbs with both but I hadn’t seen one with neither yet. Not sure what EDICT’s stance on that is


@Raionus… the suggest instructions say “Type of the title”…


Ya a evil boi tonite…

Have some of this instead

I’m unironically enjoying both of those songs, by the way. I have terrible taste in music.


Okay, so, I actually enjoyed the pumpkin song a lot. Not… so sure about the one you just posted :joy:

also the very first subtitle (“happy halloween ya spooky fuks”) initially had me pretty convinced that @Raionus had created this video


Yes, I went straight to the hard stuff. It’s an acquired taste, I guess.
In real life, it took me years to build the resistance required to enjoy it.

That and the “boi” here and there. I’m still not 100% convinced that it isn’t Raionus’ video. (Plus Raionus posted another video from that channel on floflo)



I need you to know that I snorted out loud at work and got several strange looks. Ty :+1:


My work here is done. :durtle_the_explorer: :green_heart:


Some bugs :slight_smile:

  1. During reviews, adding word with non ASCII character will result in error “failed to detected answer type…ąę” and then advance to next question.
  2. You can access https://floflo.moe/suggest/ when not logged in but list will be blank
  3. I have added “Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?” to suggested books, but after refreshing page it doesn’t show in the list. However it is in database, because I can’t suggest it twice.


typing in Japanese
you fuckn weebs

@Arvamer thanks for the heads up. Japanese wasn’t getting entered into the database correctly. I fixed your and @Vanilla’s entries and made some changes to the page.

Why would you do this?


English is not my native language, so sometimes it’s easier for me if I use direct translations to my native language.


Eh makes sense. Should be fixed now.


@Raionus small bug

The book suggestions gif is of chiwa and not natsukawa


My b should be fixed now :ok_hand:


Having to make a new suggestion to increase the vote counter of a book is kinda counter intuitive, and time consuming on mobile.
Could you make it so that clicking on of the suggestion adds a vote? Or at least autocomplete the fields so that I just have to press “vote for”?



Fuyuumi is actually my second favorite so hey, cant even be mad. At least she has some good points.


Ye sure. Just click whatever and it’ll match the fields and book type.


This is still just as minor as the last time I mentioned it, but… @Raionus you still haven’t fixed one of the typos in the instructions on how to use the new suggestion page (it’s instead of its and presumably “vote” instead of “votes” since I assume you meant it to be plural)


@Raionus this may be just my imagination, but I feel like the text cursor used to automatically appear in the text box when reviews started up. I keep typing the first answer and then realising I’m not actually in the answer box :sweat_smile: is this something you could implement (regardless of whether I dreamt its existence in the first place)?

Ooh, I like the (slightly) new look for the alchemizer page!

Ah, also, slightly strange behaviour in the Suggest Feature: I tried to add a vote for Toradora (Light Novel). As soon as I added the parentheses it stopped matching with the existing suggestion. So I added it without the (Light Novel) bit cos then it matched. But that just created a new entry (sorry, you might wanna get rid of that… also there’s one suggestion with no name in the list…). So I added it with the (Light Novel) tag and it was successful, but didn’t look like it was matching.


I actually got the exact same feeling.
We might have both been dreaming the same thing…