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Just curious: How would you be able to determine the “right now” part?


I didn’t necessarily mean this moment. Even just “so far” would be fine. I’m just curious what’s being read.


Ah ok, gotcha. I understand that you don’t mean “this moment”. But people might have been reading the book a while ago but not now any more. That’s what I was curious about.

Plus, the list only seems to include people that actually learn words through Floflo. So there might be even more people who use Floflo to read a book but who don’t appear on the list :wink:


You could try to convince me.
That being said, I really don’t see what the other books can offer :man_shrugging: Since the main story is over, it feels like it would be a spinoff…


I bought the book 人生で大切なたったひとつのこと. 64 pages, seems pretty cool. If someone wants to join, maybe we can convince raionus to add it to a poll/add it to Floflo.


2013年アメリカのシラキュース大学の卒業式にてベストセラー作家ソーンダーズは、「人生で一番後悔していることは、優しくなれなかったこと」と語りました。 スピーチから三か月後、全文がニューヨークタイムズ紙のウェブサイトに掲載されると、100万回を超えるアクセスがあり、忽ち評判を呼びます。 後にアメリカのランダムハウス社によって書籍化されベストセラーとなり、新聞各紙の書評でも「旧約聖書の詩篇のように薄くて、重い」(ニューヨーク・タイムズ紙)など、絶賛されました。 イギリスでのペンギン社による書籍化に続いて、待望の日本語版がついに出版! 190万部のベストセラー『思考の整理学』著者、外山滋比古がいまいちばん日本人に読んでもらいたい本です.

I’m reading it anyway :v:


But… why read it in Japanese, though?
Why not read 思考の整理学 instead? (The best seller of the Japanese translator)


Because I’m still newb in Japanese?.. :stuck_out_tongue:

(In other words, the script is available in English for free online… but that’s not really the point? 思考の整理学 has 4x more pages… and I bet it’s harder to read. I don’t wanna throw myself from a bridge just yet).


Ok. Let me finish the 2nd one, and then I will try to convince you with a review of it (that is convincing but gives no spoilers). Tbh, I thought it would be boring for the same reason that you are saying, but I think I actually like it more than the original one so far and do not at all feel like I am reading boring, spin-off filler.


It is free online somewhere? I could join in for a change of pace.

Edit: Just checked. Not free. Welllllll…If I can find an electronic version, I might still consider it…


The English (original) version is apparently available for free. The JP one, being a translation… I doubt… at least legally xD

I’ll look it up tomorrow. Now I’m running out of time :v::heart:


Seems like there’s no ebook version so I couldn’t parse it even if I wanted to :o


Oh also we have a hiragana-filter now.


@OmukaiAndi ^^^


that’s a great addition :slight_smile:


It’s not annoying, but it’s not consistent.
It’s sometimes there:

And sometimes not:

That’s with no script running. You can see that in both cases the words are correctly tagged (well, there’s no transitivity tag in the second case), but nothing appears for the second one.

Edit: Some aren’t tagged, though.

Edit2: Wait, I think the ones without tags are quite old. Could it be the reason? (Incompatible card version or something?)


Uh no I just can’t match them well. Generally speaking only kanji-written items get part of speech tags. Hiragana-items are pure guesswork so they don’t match up with tags well. The best I could do is give the tags of every single possible word with that phonetic reading, which looks bad. I dunno

I’ll take a look at that V5S thing though. Not sure what’s up with that




Is this button supposed to do something other than link to the “all books” page, or am I missing something(because, well, it just seems to be linking to the "all books page… which didn’t really line up with what the text on it made me expect)?

Edit: Oh, I found the actual page. Seems like the button in the blog post just is linking the wrong page

Also, a small bug. The amount of votes listed is increased by 2 when you vote for something - but it’s only visual, so refreshing the page will show the correct tally. Aside from that, you also misspelled “its votes” as “it’s vote”, but that doesn’t really make the explanation harder to understand or anything. I’m guessing “type of the title” was supposed to say something else too(or at least I don’t understand what it’s supposed to mean)


V5S = す-type godan verb. Not entirely seeing the issue here.


That the tag is supposed to be shown for verbs (e.g. first screenshot) but wasn’t in this case.
My first guess was that the tag was missing, but it wasn’t :confused:


Hmm, Flowers has over 100 votes, you say? Yep, nothing suspicious about that :eyes:

Also, who is responsible for Spowoky Owoky Pumpkin?! Reveal yourselves! I wasted over two minutes of my life on that!