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Yes I leveled up to N-1 as soon as I signed up!


This is really minor, but @Raionus maybe it’d be a good idea to update the first two screenshots in the usage guide(and the corresponding text) so the newer filtering stuff is there? Really minor, but I figured it may help lessen any potential confusion for new users ever so slightly.

Also, by the way, are mobile reviews fixed yet or are they still “borked” as the front page says?(I’m not trying to pressure you into fixing it or anything if it’s not fixed yet though. I’m really just curious)


I dunno since I don’t use mobile except when I’m trying to fix stuff but Nath says it’s good now.


Then the message aren’t stuck in a loop. You just get one per item you add. So you had 2x88 clicks waiting for you.

That plus the previous problem makes me feel like a cache problem of some sort. Like, the interface believes those parameters are set, but they aren’t. Log out/back in, clear cookies/cache, the usual.


It works fine for me on iPhone. I don’t know about android. Ideally, you’d want a bunch of people to test that for you.


Hum, not sure? Because your script says that I still have words left to learn, but I’m assuming those are katakana ones that I chose to filter out. I’m not sure which deck I saw those (so I can’t verify if what i’m saying is true), since I totally did not export a bunch of lists like a good data-stealing wanker.


Wait, which script? The word count one?
The addAll script should not pick katakana words if you chose to hide them.


This script basically tells me the amount of words to learn depending on the predefined freq, correct? :thinking: Basically, on lists where I added/trashed/removed every word, I still get a small number of words left on your script, which I assume are the filtered out katakana words. Even then, I still saw 2 or 3 katakana words (from beginning to end, not words like 罰ゲーム) on the lists.


That script is only visual, I just display the data I get from floflo. I’ll have a look later, but I can’t really do anything about it if the count I get is wrong.


No worries, I visit FloFlo like once every 10 days :wink: It’s not a big deal. I just wanted to do a bug report (which I assumed that it comes from FloFlo itself).


So, yeah, I just confirmed that the katakana filter doesn’t do anything for the unknown word count (total or at a given frequency).
You’ll have to add/trash/ignore those words if you want to see a 0 unknown word.
(Which makes sense, as far as I am concerned)


Yes, it :100: does xD

(But that wasn’t my problem, just to clarify… the point was seeing katakana words while them being filtered out).


Oh, I see!
Well, did some more testing, and it’s still not the script fault.
I turned it off and looked at a list with katakana on and off. At freq 2, I had 300 unknown words, and 209 without katakana. BUT:

Even with katakana off, some katakana words were still in the list, while some had been filtered out :thinking:
I noticed that non filtered katakana words all start with ピ or ペ. Those characters might be missing from @Raionus’s filter.


I can’t stop ぴょんぴょんするing for two reasons: 1. that you proved me that I wasn’t going crazy and 2. that you somehow crazily enough dedicated yourself to find the root of a 面倒くさい problem.

When I grow up I wanna be just like you.


Update 12/1 New List Types and Stuff


  • A bunch of fixes that I didn’t log so I already forgot them le mayo
  • Renamed Alchemizer list types to be clearer


  • New List: Verbs only for combined lists
  • New List: Overlapping words order by frequency (for you speed readers)


  • Now shows parts of speech when the word is a verb (tell me if this is annoying)

Mobile Review Fixed (?)

Anyway Oyasumi’s


Any chance SAO 3 could happen? I am about halfway through 2 now. It is so awesome how much easier it has been to read even just with SAO 1 freq 2 learned (am just now learning freq 2 for SAO 2). :turtle::upside_down_face:

(I get the sense that I am the only one reading SAO at this point…but hopefully I am wrong)


You are, in fact, not the only one reading SAO right now.


But you are the only one having a go at the second book :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh nice. That is good to know. I will have to try to convince users 2090, 2122, 3738, 4553, 4633, and Christian Bale to read 2 and 3 with me.


If you can get Christian Bale on it then trust me, you can have as many SAO books as you want


Any chance you’ll post how many users are reading each book right now? :slight_smile: