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well for me personally it would be enough if changes i make to cards keep tracked, because i would usually make those changes because of reading the book and actually finding the meaning used in the book.


Oops, it seems no one has replied to you yet.

So, except if bugs are getting in the way, the words are supposed to come back in the word list. (It does work for me, although I didn’t check if it was after exactly 30 days).
In the mean time, those words will still appear in other lists. They are only hidden from a specific book.

No worries here.
If a given word appears in multiple lists, though, I feel like it would make sense to learn it… But that’s just my opinion :sweat_smile:

Just to make sure I understand, you want to be able to look at words ahead of time to trash what you can immediately?


Thanks for your answer!

And do they come back for you in the same order as they were before? Because for the Time Girl list, I don’t see the words from the first few pages come back into my list… (maybe just one or two, but there were many unknown words for me, and I ignored them all)

Oh, that’s interesting! I thought I had seen the “known words” ratio change when I ignored words for a different book. But maybe I also trashed words at the same time, and that’s why. Good to know anyhow, thanks!

I feel the same, indeed! But I decided to focus on JLPT Vocab + WK + Bunpro first, plus I have to accept the unpleasant truth that I cannot learn as fast any more as I could when I was in Uni, so I tend to be a bit careful in order to not overload myself too much.

Ideally I would like to use Floflo as a dictionary that already knows what I want to look up while I read the book. Of course I will trash the words I know (either beforehand or while reading), and I may decide to learn the words I think are relevant or interesting (and thus effectively trash them, too). But that will not cover all words. So eventually I will reach the limit where I have 100 words that I cannot trash and that I do not want to ignore (because then they are gone for a long time). And when I reach that limit, it’s Game Over :cry: At that point I would like to jump to the words no. 101 - 200 and look at those. Rinse and repeat :wink:


Nope, all books lists are always in sync so it’s hidden for everything. But yeah, it should come back after thirty days.

@NicoleRauch I dunno what happened but for some reason your ignored list wasn’t clearing. I’ve set up an automatic error reporting thing that’ll hopefully give me some clues as to what’s wrong if it happens again. For now, I just cleared it manually.

@TellowKrinkle I think your fix worked. At least it seems like it did for Nath :ok_hand:. Thanks a lot, I don’t think I would’ve figured that one out by myself.

Eh, I don’t really know. Maybe? Would anyone else want to expand upon what they’d do with this feature? I want a clearer idea of what people would use this for before I decide whether or not to work on it.


Ah, I didn’t know about syncing ignored words… that’s a bit less than ideal, I think :confused:

Yep, so far so good :ok_hand:

I think that the idea was to have a smart dictionary that has exactly the words you need to look-up at the moment you want to look them up. So that you don’t have to learn/trash/ignore freq 1 before being able to continue reading.

I would have said to just ignore to keep going through the list, but if it’s synced with the rest, I definitely wouldn’t recommend to do that.


It appears that in book 4 of Oreshrua, the furigana may not be removed. Just a heads up.

I already learned 険しい, but when it showed up again (written in kanji again), this is how it was parsed

EDIT: Yeah, that seems to be it. 微笑む was never written in hiragana but had furigana and was parsed as hiragana. Honestly not even mad. This is a pleasant surprise that the amount of words i have to learn is far less. Already down like 80 words and I have only added 15 :3


floflo1 floflo2

When I try to add these kanji all their definitions/meanings disappear at the Lessons Page. I try filling them in but they stay red.


Fixed it. There was a bug preventing non-WK kanji from getting their definitions correctly. The red part in the lessons page just means it’s a kanji though, so that’s fine.

Noice :3 What volume are you on now?

Reuploaded the list. Should be fixed now :ok_hand:

Also uploaded the books for November. Thanks everyone who helps make it possible to keep expanding the collection.

  • Spice & Wolf
  • Mononononononoke Hime
  • Autumn Prison (私の家はお化け屋敷 lost the coinflip)
  • Kokoro Connect
  • Hentai


Personally I do just ignore words in order to work my way through the list. When I first started using FloFlo I was concerned about doing this because it felt like I wouldn’t see them again in forever, but actually thirty days flies by :grin: I think if I was a fast reader this could be an issue though.

Perhaps a compromise option would be to allow people to adjust the length of their ‘ignore’ feature?


On volume 4 at the moment.

Man, floflo makes it so easy to read after the first two volumes lol. About halfway through volume 3 I just sorta switched to reading it on my kindle in my bed rather than on my computer with jisho up because I almost never had problems with vocab or grammar. Takes me around a minute and a half to read a page when it used to take me like…a lot of minutes lol. Not sure what I plan to read after oreshura, but itll definitely be something with at least 2 volumes on floflo


Wait, what about Kouka Koukyuu Monogatari? I didn’t see it on floflo last time I checked.
Is there again an issue with it not having an ebook or something?


Oh rip I forgot lol. It’s up now

Yeah I remember the first page of a novel I ever read took me twenty minutes :heart: Great to hear that you’re so speedy now


And all thanks to kyoko from yuru yuri. Arigato anime girl for good website


@Raionus, for Mononoke Hime, I think you posted the wrong cover? It has the cover of 狼と香辛料.


So, somehow I was not logged in my account when I tried to add some words. Naturally, I got this message:


I clicked Ok, and then I got this:


And I clicked Ok once more… the thing is… I got this again:


In other words, I wasn’t redirected to the login page and those 2 messages were stuck on a loop.

Plot twist: I was actually logged in.
I added the words using Nath’s new script btw (total of 88).


Thank you very much! Now they are back :slight_smile:

Actually I thought about various options, like adjusting the duration or maybe even adding a button so I could clear my “ignore” list manually. But they all more or less have their drawbacks, e.g. if I manage to read quickly, the time might be too long, if I cannot make the time, the ignored words will come back while I’m still reading so I have to re-ignore them again, and so, after a while of thinking, I figured that for me it would be perfect to just keep them in the list without having to manually force them to go away.

But if this is not a feature that other people are interested in, then of course I will go with what I can get :slight_smile:


I was getting this message while trashing items, which makes no sense. Once I started ignoring/adding items instead, the message stopped showing up (even if I trashed something again). Not sure the trigger.


EDIT: I’m also still finding words that exist on WK (yes, written exactly the same way/I’m lvl 60 so I should see none, I guess?) and katakana words (even though I’m filtering them out).


Suggestion: Add something that indicates book read/anime watched/etc to the list of books/anime/light novels/whatever. Maybe turn it into a filter as well.


I’m seriously loving floflo :o

@Raionus you’re amazing!



Y-you’re amazing! <(are you fluent yet?)>