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I think I asked about this way back and the answer was no, because it sort of didn’t make sense (to link a kana word which might relate to several possible kanji to just one). I take a slightly different approach now where instead of editing the existing kana word entry, I just add the kanji version independently and trash the kana word (or ignore it if it had loads of possible meanings and might come up again in a different guise).


Maybe I’m missing something here but there doesn’t seem to be 1580 words in the scrolly box thing. Is that figure the total words in the book or?.. If that’s not it then is there a way to see how many unique words you don’t know quickly?

Also, is there a way to sort the scrolly box thing by frequency, so I can have all the words there but see them ordered from highest to lowest?


It only shows the first 100 for server load reasons iirc.

The 1580 means that there are 1580 words at freq 1 that you dont know. 2740 words at freq 1 total in the book. Aka 2740 unique words in the book, which you can also see on the left.

nope, just raise the frequency count and learn by gradually decreasing the frequency number to achieve this.


O.o that’s a lot of words… Thanks!

Thank you~


You’ll definitely be able to trash quite a lot of them :blush:


I already have :laughing: Not all since I can’t look at them all but >.<


Also, if you arent adding as you read through, I recommend you do that. At the start, there are some common misparses that you dont want soaking up your time.


Mostly like grammar terms though. かも comes to mind (hint: it doesn’t mean duck). Also I been hand-combing through that list, up to the 1100th word atm.

Oreshura had half the volumes in roman and half the volumes in arabic yesterday :wink:

Haven’t tagged books this way in about three months (since the alchemizer came out). I do need a tagging system at some point though, since we have so many books now.

Aoi Tori Bunko Series on Floflo:

  • Tokimeki Toshokan
  • Ojousama Tantei Arisu
  • Ryuujin Ouji
  • Porepore Nikki
  • Fushigi Koshoten




In that case, yeah it probably wouldnt be an issue.


@Raionus In the new lesson learning page (which is awesome by the way) you still have all the information in text boxes. It looks like it auto-saves your changes. If that’s the case, there is a small bug where going to the next item and back shows the original data, not the edited data.


There isn’t really “+1 more”. Not really sure why this is happening since it works correctly with another word.






Was using if(blahblah[theCutOff].length != 0){show}

And somehow the value of that was 1, even though it’s an empty string. Riddle me that coders. Anyway, I fixed it.


The length of “” is 0.
The length of [""] is 1.
The length of [ ] is 0.



Get me out of this field


dabs suicidally


Welcome to JavaScript :rofl:


Oh, I found a nice bug btw: On the “All books” page you first load only 20 books, and then the rest kicks in, and you display them in a table. The table has an active sorting criterion (interestingly it’s Known Words in ascending order, although I keep switching that to descending order each time which does not seem to get memorized - sorry I digress…). The first 20 books get sorted according to the table’s sorting criterion. But the others are just tucked onto the bottom of the table. So the table displays “I am sorted by Known Words in ascending order” while in fact it is not.

Obvious solution: Sort it :slight_smile:

Less obvious solution if that is impossible: remove the small arrow from the table header.


Sorry for asking so many questions, but, out of curiosity how is what books will be added decided? I guess what I’m really asking is if there is a ‘suggestion box’ of some kind. But I really am liking it so far~


Suggestions have been made directly in this thread so far.

Then, there’s a round of voting every month on Patreon. You need to contribute at least 3$ per month to be able to vote on anime (2 votes per month) and 5$ for books. 10$ gives you an extra poll per month (loser’s bracket), which gives you an extra chance of getting the book you suggested in :stuck_out_tongue:

Since @Raionus isn’t receiving enough suggestions (as far as I can tell), most books in the polls are usually selected by him.

Current poll (direct copy/paste):
Ookami to Koushinryou

Watashi no Ie wa Obakeyashiki [Tsubasa Bunko]

Ningen Shikkaku/No Longer Human by Dazai [literature]

Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto [literature] [info]

Kubikiri Cycle (Zaregoto Series) by Nishio Ishin

Autumn Prison

Shousetsu no Kamisama