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Good durtle.


I like it. I have been doing this via anki for years now but this seems much easier. I also request that you put the MaoYuu novels up. They are harder than some things I saw arked hella hard but really interesting.


Yeah, they’ve been on there since I made the last post. Are they not showing up for you?


Speaking of filtering stuff, I think you aren’t filtering the inside of parenthesis correctly :stuck_out_tongue:


I know that you can do that, but you cannot do it in the new lesson screen or during lessons


@Raionus mucho arigatos my man


Should be fixed

Anything for my favorite ice cream flavor


Is it possible to search through the vocab list somehow? One of the recent words I added to my lessons is つぶやく but I’m pretty sure I saw that word before but in kanji. I’m not sure if I added the version with kanji in floflo. I’d like to check to make sure I don’t have 2 of the same word there.


呟く is the kanji version and i’ve never seen it in my life.

But at the bottom of the lessons page, theres a search tool and shows you if you have any already added words that match.


RIP testing on my iPhone. I don’t know if it’s just me.


Just tried on my computer, and okay, no, RIP testing 100%.


I see 呟く written with the kanji all the time but maybe whatever I’m reading is weird. I’m going to keep an eye out for it now to see which way I see it more often.

It’s funny sometimes how you get used to seeing some less common kanji over and over again in something and then assume that they’re more common than they are and are written with kanji most of the time in other places too. My guess is that VNs are more guilty of this than other mediums but who knows.


It’s working though??

edit: I mean on PC. Mobile testing has been dead for a while was a cross-browser problem


Thanks, I don’t know how I’ve been using floflo all this time and never noticed the search tool before. The material I originally got it from for some reason loves using kanji with words that are usually written in kana. A few others, which I found right at the beginning, were つぶる and まばゆい.


Not necessarily Floflo related, but I made a simple script that’ll take the sentences from Goo’s 国語辞書 dictionary and automatically extract the sentences and put them in a textfield that you can copy and paste. See the bottom left.

I’m pasting the sentences for reference when I’m learning verbs on Floflo but you could easily use it to add examples sentences to anki cards or whatever.

Anyway, tell me if that’s useful or something.

Edit: I named it wrong
Edit 2: If you want the line breaks to work on Floflo change
ent = ‘\r\n’ into ent = ‘


I wonder if the update messed up with the alternative readings for words…

Edit: weird, I just entered some alternate reading on another word and it worked…


Ojousama Tantei Arisu Volume 1 appears as Easy on its web, but in the search it only appears if you turn the knob up to Medium.

Also, in the All Titles page it would be nice to be have a list of the tags, or something like that. At the moment for listing all the Aoi Tori Bunko books I have to go to a book I now to belong to that collection and click on the tag. This doesn’t work, seems like there is a good number of untagged books.

Bonus Question: is there a criteria to selecting roman vs arabic on the volume numbers, or you just do it randomly to have some fun on users with OCD?

PS: is there any place where I can get the Aoi Tori Bunko books as ebooks in EPUB or something that can be converted to EPUB to use with an ebook reader?


@Raionus When editing a card, any reason you make the definition text area not resizable? On my tiny laptop screen, this makes it very hard to edit.

Also, is there a way to change my batch size for lessons? (I know I can select whatever I want, but I mean the batch size for auto-queuing.)


@Raionus, I’ve started changing some of the kana words for 時をかける少女 to their kanji versions (when it makes sense). Unfortunately this causes the words to appear again in the book list and I have to ignore the kana version. This isn’t surprising, nor is it unreasonable, but is there any way you could keep them linked so they don’t show up again?