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Yeah, I just wanted to be 2 ahead so I could use the alchemizer to catch the upcoming overlapping freq 1 words.

Yeah, no problemo. Ill go ahead and do that right now before I forget (which I do a lot). Ill go ahead and have 5-9 up here in a min.

I may actually be finishing the translation project by myself since it was dropped which starts at vol 7, so I may not use floflo for vol 8+ right away (just wanted 8 and 9 for alchemizer for 7), but if you still want the rest so you can have the full series, they’ll be up on my amazon account when the time comes.


11/14 Pre-Quiz Study Page

Queuing up an item on the lessons page will now take you take a page allowing you to study & edit the words before being tested on them.

We didn’t have this before because Floflo is based on Houhou, not Wanikani but w/e.


  • Question Mark - Takes you to the appropriate page for the word on Goo, so that you can see a JP definition and example sentences.
  • Check Mark - Go to the quiz.
  • Possible Part of Speech tags - Clicking this will take you to a page showing what the abbreviations are for.

Other Stuff

  • Fields now have a max length attribute. This should stop edits that go over the maximum storeable field length from messing up any updates to a word.

That’s actually really cool. Good luck if you decide to go through with it. Also if you need a proof-reader (English)… finger guns


Raionus… I’m just getting a blank white screen once I head to the quiz…


That’s bad!


It’s certainly not great!

Edit: I was gonna dump screenshots, but then it started working - did ya fix it?


You bet!


Nice :+1:

Thank you!


Yeah, the translation project being dropped is the reason I started learning japanese. I wanted to finish the series. Figure if I can maybe help others in the same boat that didnt go on to learn japanese, I should since I know the pain of not seeing best girl win.

I’ll hitcha up if/when the time comes if I need any help… reciprocative finger guns


i meant it the other way around.

for example:
word: かも
reading: ;鴨
meaning: duck

and i want a button that changes it to:
word: 鴨
reading: かも
meaning: duck


I mean there’s not a button for it but you can just modify it yourself. Click the giant black word and it’ll turn into a field you can edit.


I’m liking the new pre-quiz study page. It definitely feels like more of an actual “lesson step” rather than just scrolling through each item in the lessons list to view their info. I also like the feature where you can hover over each kanji individually and view its meanings and readings. :+1:


Looks like it’s yellow because I didn’t include the ellipsis in the answer? If so, can you filter that out just like you do for parentheses?


I think this has been mentioned multiple times, but is only seeing a maximum of 300 lessons a bug or a feature? When I tried to filter my lessons by title, the system says I have 0 lessons for that title likely because those lessons exceeded the 300 lesson threshold and therefore won’t appear until I first clear lessons from other titles.


Glad you’re digging the new features <3


Feature. Have less lessons. It messes up the accuracy of vocab lists.


Alright, no prob.


In the meantime, could you possibly completely clear my lesson queue? Oh, and I’d also like to express my appreciation for the new features! The site is really shaping up nicely, and I use Floflo every day alongside Wanikani as my preferred SRS for vocab by far. :grin:


No prob - should be clear now.

Thanks :ok_hand:. I’ll try to make a ‘delete all lessons’ thing sometime soon. It seems to be a common issue for new users.


Update 11/16 - New FREEEE list type

  • Vocabulary Tables
    • Gives you a list of verbs in your primary book
    • Suggestion: Learn most of the verbs before you start learning nouns/adjectives because verbs are more important to understanding sentences
    • Also the pre-lesson study page has a link to a J->J dictionary so you can, y’know, see how the verbs work in sentences

Also @Vanilla did you, like, get the new Oreshura books yet?