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Feedback/Feature request:
when hovering over a kanji that was already learned (wanikani/floflomoe) dont show any information besides that is was learned. if it was not learned do not show the reading as this gives away the jukugo readings.

question: how do i change lesson badge size, somehow they are sometime size 1 or 4

edit: why are words that i learned still in the lesson queue


I’m not sure how the books were parsed, but I noticed that you (@Raionus) pretty much ruled out the possibility of having manga on the site. If it’s possible, I’d be willing to give picking apart Yotsuba a try as I read through it. As it’s a relatively ‘easy’ series that is recommended to start with, I feel lots of people would benefit from having a supplement to it :slight_smile:


The items that you select before hitting ‘queue’ should be the ones that appear in your lesson quiz.

Do you mean words that you literally just did the quiz on, or words that you’ve previously learned and have been in the spaced repetition system for some time?

If it’s the former: you have to get an item correct (without first getting it incorrect) in the lesson quiz in order for it to join the SRS queue. The lesson quiz has unlimited overrides by default if you don’t want this behaviour however, so you can just override incorrect answers until you get it correct.

If it’s the latter: if you get an item wrong eight (I think) times, it will be bumped back to your lesson queue, as it has been deemed a leech. This lets you ignore the item until you want to add it back so that it’s not wasting your time in the meanwhile (or just decide to trash it forever if it’s not worth the effort) and gives you an opportunity to look back over it properly before doing so.


The issue is that you have to type all the text for the parser to do its thing.
Even for a manga (something with very little text), it’s still a daunting task.


That’s true, but it could be a good opportunity to go back through it. Plus it helps people out. I don’t think it’d hurt to try, even if it’s just say the first volume it might make the task less daunting for people looking at starting to read native material.


Update 11/6 to 11/12 - Quality of Life Stuff

  • Vocab Table Visual Improvements

    • Centered stuff
    • Hid those ugly-ass filtering options until you click ‘additional filters’
    • Normalized line height
    • Added a counter showing how many new lessons you’ve added this session
  • Vocab Table now includes a bunch of help for new users

    • I feel like I’m literally getting trolled when people say they can’t figure my website out
  • Lessons Page

    • Added a notification after taking a lesson showing how many lessons were completed successfully and how many were sent back to the queue because you got them wrong
  • Available Books

    • 12 new books added from Tsubasa Bunko & other beginner sources
    • “First volume-only” now enabled by default because there’s too many books
  • Backend

Happy Veterans Day.

Check this out


Ohhh, I got beaten to it. Thanks for the link!


Feature request: allow some form of highlighting in mnemonics. eg. bb code italic and bold or like colours for radicals, component kanji meaning, meaning, reading


Okay that why, i then find it very unfortunate that there is no lesson screen where it show you both the meaning and reading and easily allows adding a mnemonic. currently i just start the lesson and have every item wrong the first time because this way i get introduced to the meaning one by one


uhm big bug. when i learn a new word, add the nmemonic and i do it wrong and it get put back into lessons the mnemonic is deleted. rip my last 20 minutes

why does lighting mode turn off each time i do a new batch?


It’s always on by default when you’re doing a lesson because you need to be able to edit info or look at the right answers. It’ll do whatever you set it to during reviews.

Uh interesting. I’ll see what’s up with that. Worked for me. Can you give me some more info on what you did exactly? Were the mnemonics longer than 200 characters? That might trigger an error.


By the way, RE: better lessons, I have a feature request.
To actually learn the words before I put them in queue, I usually open the edit window.
It’s a bit annoying to have to close it before having to open the next.

Could you add a button to the top row that moves to the next item instead?
Something like this: (my pointer isn’t visible, but I’m hovering the last button)

(Obviously those are only visual change, I would not ask if I could just do it. My problem is about getting the actual next item in there; the 目がける part is hard coded here)


@Raionus out of curiosity, did you manage to solve the rendering bug?


can you add a button that makes a meaning only vocab in one where it instead shows the kanji and asks for reading


Just fyi @Raionus, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is appearing in the All Books list even when ‘standalones only’ is selected.

Also I love that you purposefully didn’t include the second volume of Tantei Alice :joy:


might have been longer than 200 anyhow none got saved


You can do this by adding a semi-colon to the beginning of the field you want to disable. So like if you want to disable the reading question on 貶す below:

Click the edit button (right-most one) on the row for 貶す.

You’ll get this:

Change けなす; to ;けなす; and it’ll disable the reading portion of the question.

That entire page is coded in jQuery so I try my best to just not touch it. I’d rather just make a lessons portion that you do before the quiz like there is in Wanikani. Might come out this weekend.

Nah, I have few inklings of what might need to be fixed but it’s honestly making me want to off myself so I’m just working on other things until I get a slow week during school.



Oh! Awesome!


@Raionus, I was wondering if you were planning on adding any more oreshura books? Just curious so I know if I should start trying to write something that will give me my own wordlists or not.


You sent me another one a while ago right? Can you send me a few more so I can do it in bulk? I have to deregister my Amazon account every time which deletes my entire library so it’s just kind of annoying to do one at a time.

Alternatively you can just try sending me the .azws