[Full Release whenever lol] Floflo.moe - A WK-friendly website for reading


Come now, no need to be hard on yourself.


I must have got it quickly because I’m equivalent to a “brazilian” people xD


There’s a visual bug on the November haul page. The cover for the new book covers the link, so I can’t actually click it.


Also, a suggestion. When you get an item wrong during reviews, can you move it later in the queue? If I get an item right two seconds after getting it wrong, it’s not really helping me learn the item.


Got to options and change your pool size to something larger


My English comprehension is bad. I’m still confused of how to use FloFlo.moe. I may need to read Floflo.moe guides again and again and again until I understand how I can use it as easily as I use WK. I had only read it three to five times so far.


But even with a larger pool, there’s a non zero probability that it will come up next. How about moving it to the end of the pool?


I agree with @Naphthalene. Why not move it to the end of the pool? If you don’t feel like dealing with randomization (like WaniKani does), that seems like a reasonable approach.


so i got 時をかける少女 for the reading session with the book club and thought i’d import the vocab and pre-learn a little. adding items though seems to be a 1:1 thing, no way to set some filters and import them all at once.
similarly, there seems to be no “blank slate” button to remove all the things.

what i’d like to do is delete everything, then “import all kanji words not on wk”. how would i go about this without ruining my mouse?


What exactly are you trying to remove/delete? Not quite sure what you’re referring to there.

Also, with regards to adding everything - the idea isn’t to add everything at once to your lessons and then slowly whittle them down. It’s basically designed for you to ‘add’ words as you want to learn them, so maybe a few days’ worth of lessons max. You’ll want to go through it manually so that you can trash stuff you know, ignore ambiguous words, and help the learning process.

If you go to ‘Account’ > ‘Preferences’ then you can set your WK level and FloFlo will automatically filter out all words up to that level for you.


i rapidfire-click-added a pile, and now i got stuff like そして、ばかり、かしら i’d like to filter out.

i was looking for a tool that lets me import the whole list, with filters for all the unwanted items. now i’m looking at hours of 3-click-deleting em all by hand.

maybe i’ll just read. this tool seems to be designed for a different purpose.


Do a soft reset if you want

Go to Account > word manager > trimming


So you mean you have items you don’t want in your lessons? Oh, Raionus already answered that bit :grin:

You can’t import the whole list, no. I’m not sure what filters you’re looking for that it doesn’t provide, though?


does that remove all lessons and returns me to a blank slate? because that’s what i’d like to do, and then go through the words slowly and only add what i need.

my username is omukaiandi btw


filters like “words in kana” - no need for those.


I don’t believe there’s a filter for that, no. You can filter out katakana words, but not all kana-only words.


i’ll try out soft reset when i get up and see how i’ll continue. thanks for your help :slight_smile:


No problem - hope you manage to get it working for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Personally I think filtering kana only words would do more harm than good. I can’t even count the amount of kana only words I have in my queue that I’m struggling with, and onomatopoeia especially gives me the most trouble.


i’m living in japan and have been studying the language for 8 years. there’s few words on wk i didn’t know yet. what’s
new for me is the kanji, so i see a new character and get some vocab for it, and it clicks.
i’m trying to get the reading down, so skipping kana words is probably safe :slight_smile:


(I filter them because they are either super easy or super difficult…but yeah you are right, I will have to go back for the difficult ones at the end)