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I don’t know anything about vue, but maybe start but upgrading the library version? It’s possible it has a caching/rendering bug in the version you’re using.


As @seanblue says, that sounds awfully like a rendering bug.
Stuff like changing the calligraphy options or locking/unlocking your phone will make the page render again, which then display the correct value. Vue should make it render again when the value to display changes (and it does change, since the detail button has the correct word) but somehow fails to do so.

The undo clue is interesting. I don’t really know what happens under the hood when you undo, but I guess Vue does not like it.

Edit: on my phone, it only happens when both the question I answered and the next have the same type (e.g. reading-reading or meaning-meaning). I don’t know if it’s a coincidence.
The trick of locking/unlocking the phone works well though, I’ll take it :slight_smile:


But you won’t know there’s a rendering problem until after you answer “incorrectly”. So the phone locking workaround is only so useful at that point. Unless you just lock your phone after every undo I guess. :thinking:


When the bug happens, I get the same item twice, obviously.
I guess there are some legitimate cases when I would get say the meaning then the reading for the same item in a row, but I’m fine with being paranoid.
So, whenever I get the same thing twice, I just lock/unlock (before answering)

Edit: Boom, 100%. Only twice was my paranoia not justified.
The bug did happen a bunch, though. That’s pretty much critical at this point.


Popping in to say that this might be a reactivity caveat with Vue. How do you assign the .word property on the object?

Try doing it with this.$set(objectname, objectproperty, value)

Also, if you do things based on arrays, then you have to use the set method as well for it to update correctly.


I just had a case where it showed a wrong review, so I locked my screen. But it changed the review to another wrong review!


Oh wow, okay, that didn’t happen to me so far.
And it shouldn’t either, if my intuition of the problem was right. That’s worrying.


That’s legitimately impossible with the way the code is written. In a few circumstances I’ve seen it not update after a phone unlock, in which case it’d be the same wrong question.

Might be this. I looked at the caveats here but wasn’t sure I understood them properly.

Each word is an object and I hold it with window.queue. So like [{word:‘asdfdsf’, ‘definition’:‘asdf’}, {…}, {…}]
I have two objects in Vue like:

item: {},
displayFields: {
maxChar: window.innerWidth > 999 ? 30 : 23,
wordType: “vocab”,
word: “心”,
reading: “”,
meaning: “”,
answer_exploded: ,
note_meaning: “”,
note_reading: “”

When a new question happens I set a variable that’s like this.item = window.queue[questionNumber].

And then I have other lines of code that’ll basically go:

this.displayFields.word = this.item.word
this.displayFields.answer_exploded = this.item.word.split
and so on

When I show variables in the html I only use {{ displayFields.something }} and all the object properties I show are predefined at Vue’s initialization, so I feel like I shouldn’t be having problems. But again, maybe I’m not understanding the caveats right.


@Raionus @Naphthalene I thought that’s what I saw, but maybe I was mistaken. I’ll mention if I see it again.


I’d try it just in case. I often have issues with it even when I have it predefined. Also try setting the array item with this.$set(arrayname, index, item). See if that helps as it especially has problems with arrays.


Congratulations for the awesome work @Raionus!

I just registered to beign using it for the beginner book club, howerver I had somewhat of an issue:

No vocabulary words are actually showing up. Any idea why this is happening?
Thanks in advance


Seems like the dash in your name was throwing the server for a loop. I went in and fixed every case (I think). Feel free to try it now and tell me if you run into any more issues :ok_hand:


It’s working! As a fellow programmer I’m glad I could bring your attention to a new test case :smiley: although I’m not near your level I can just relate and am glad I could help and thank you for fixing it so quickly!


Sorry to bother again, now it isn’t adding the words to my lessons.
Worst case I change my username it’s no biggie :sweat_smile:


Are you sure you are using it right? It is a little confusing at first.

First you go to the book and choose “add” for the words you want to add to your lessons list. Then you click the lesson button. Then you click those words in the lesson place that you want to add to queue. Then you click queue. Then you can review them. It takes many steps.


Should be fixed now.

Nah, keep going. I’m going to have to fix this eventually. Anyway, I’m just gonna go through every feature on the website and make sure it works with a dash in your username.


Yeah I double checked to make sure, now it’s working and I’m doing the same thing.

effectively :slight_smile:
I’ll keep going and holler if something else comes up.


Ah ok. Just wanted to make sure because it took me like 600 years and 52 questions to figure out how to do lessons…:sweat_smile:


That sounds like some B A D W E B S I T E D E S I G N


Nah…I also had trouble finding the on button on my computer…Probably at least 94% my own fault. Seems like most other people are figuring it out without issues. :sweat_smile::turtle::upside_down_face: