[Fuji TV] Watch over 72 live Japanese TV channels for free! | July 1st update: It's over 😞


Hey guys,

You might remember me from such topics as “Watch live Japanese TV for free” and the sequel “Watch live Japanese TV for free!” (exclamation points make things exciting).

This time around, we hit the jackpot: 72 live channels with fully functional guide! Not only that, but it has 7-day replay servers, so you can go back in time to watch shows you’ve missed while you were sleeping. :wink: To my understanding, this looks exactly like ‘iSakura’ and ‘JapanTV’ from JapanNetTV.com, which is the service I use.

I’m not going into much details. Just wanted to make clear that this thing is not mine. I’m just merely sharing. This is supposedly free until July, so take advantage and practice your Japanese listening skills!

Link: http://■■■■■■.live/■■■■■■

NHK news streaming
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Smooth streaming so far, thanks!


Very nice streaming. Has anyone worked out how to play full screen via the Android app (on a TV with remote) as I can’t select the player stream like I can on a tablet?


EDIT: Sorted. Click again on the program to get fullscreen when using a remote. I had an email reply very quickly from support. It will be free until June 30th as mentioned in the OP. The app is great - all being well they may get my money.

EDIT2: Sign up for the trial account to stream for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Also note the stream can only be shown on 1 device at a time.


Am I missing something? It just 404’s me.

EDIT: One of your other links tells me the site is not available within Japan, so I guess that’s why? Weird that I just flat out get a 404 though. I guess I’ll try with a VPN once I get home.


As most of these streaming services go, it cannot be streamed within Japan. It would be shut down within a day.


Hahahah I opened the link and 関東NHK has a segment about a book that helps young children learn kanji. うんこ漢字ドリール! Learn kanji with poo!

Edit: Found them! Learn kanji by making sentences about poo! Might get this for myself.


This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!


Tofugu recently reviewed this book!


Similar to what this site provides, are there any Japanese networks that offer an iOS or Android app that would allow you to watch live or syndicated content streamed through your phone or tablet?


Japanese TV is so… weird.


I was surprised to find European sports tournaments and dubbed American cartoons.


Million dollar question: Legal?


What nationality is Speedy Gonzales on Japanese TV. Korean?


Works great on IOS with it’s app. It probably only has like 30 channels, but it’s a decent mix. However, you do need a Japanese VPN. Maybe some other countries work as well, but the VPN is required in the US.


damn it. I moved to Japan but I miss some crucial channels. And I would need a VPN to watch this.
*boots Tunnelblick.


Oh dang, not only not free. Expensive.


The replay function seems to be basically useless, at least for me. Am I the only one experiencing severe audio sync issues?


[quote=“DaisukeJigen, post:12, topic:17979, full:true”]
Million dollar question: Legal?[/quote]

Not in Japan.


This makes me so happy. I’m moving back to Japan in January, and I missed having NHK on in the background while I study. Thanks!


This is amazing… I’ve been struggling to find a way to stream japanese TV, thanks!