Frustration with wait times

Does anyone else just wait get so mad and frustrated when you make mistakes on your kanji and you have to wait two full days just to do one or two kanjis just to level up??? it happens too often to me and it’s why i’m at this low level. Like i wish we could like somehow skip them idk


I think there may have been frustration in the beginning for me, but after a year or so of WK, I’ve found that pacing yourself pays off more in the long run.

I’m ok taking an extra week on a level to catch up with vocab or to reinforce Kanji I don’t remember so well.

I’ve been keeping an eye on my WK stats and my level up speed hasn’t really suffered either way so it was more of a mental thing than anything affecting progress.


I used to cheat on my kanji so that it wouldn’t happen. Like, I respect it. Just like, I don’t want to get held up for a week because I typed something wrong.


Browse some userscripts! Sadly, I don’t remember any names, but there are some review session revamp type of scripts that allow you to ignore an incorrect answer if you’re sure it was not a genuine mistake, but a typo. Also, if you’re on Android, “Flaming Durtles” is an app for Wanikani that has an undo option, although it’s a bit tricky to turn on (or I was a bit dumb).


I totally get your point.

Sometimes I “cheat” too - like when I know the meaning but I’m not sure which synonym WK will accept. There were some times when “older sister” was wrong (big sister it is) or “ship” instead of “boat”… I have the right picture in mind so I don’t want to hinder my progress because of that.

But other than that, I live with my mistakes and do vocab or my textbook instead :smiley: I don’t race to level 60 because I don’t do WK exclusively so that’s okay for me.


i think its actually three days because once it goes from apprentice 4 to 3, you need a day to go back to 4 and two days to guru… super annoying when its at 89%


Every time I typo a reading, it does piss me off - but it’s not WK’s fault. And yes, it means I’ll have to answer it a couple more times than I would otherwise, but if I actually know it then that’s just a few moments wasted, and they’re slotted right into my study time so it’s not even an inconvenience. Meanwhile, if it’s delaying my level progress a little, that’s no big deal… I get plenty of reviews as it is.

So I take it as an opportunity to practice reading hiragana by checking my answer before I hit enter. Just gotta remember to take a moment to check…

Probably, after the first time I don’t burn something because of a typo, I’ll see about installing one of those scripts. Maybe even before that, since I know it’s coming up.

The thing that annoys me more is when WK doesn’t like my meaning, because then I feel cheated. Sometimes I add custom synonyms for those.


Nope. It frustrated first couple of times, now I see it this way:

if I didn’t notice the typo before typing enter, it means that I remembered how the word is typed on the physical keyboard (in terms of finger movement) instead of how it actually reads and looks in kana, so it’s ok to rereview it.


I used to be enlightened. I used to think “nah, it’s fine, it’s just a couple extra days. Maybe even less. And it’s a chance to really solidify that learning!”.

Now that I’m halfway through level 57 and just want to finish, I’ve regressed to “how dare you rob me of my level-up!!!”


I know this feeling.
I often make mistakes - sometimes they are real mistakes, sometimes just typos and sometimes I enter meaning when asked for reading or wise versa (it’s been a while since I’ve made this particular mistake, but I used to do it a lot when I joined).
It can be very frustrating.
However, I’ve long since decided that there is no hurry. If I have to spend more time on memorizing an item - that means I’d remember it better.

Anyway, I really hope that this frustration wouldn’t stop you from keeping studying. Best of luck with your studies!


We all know the feeling. I Was about the level up this morning, but I made a stupid mistake (typo). Now I need to wait untill tomorrow :(.

It happens!


lool the feels are real hhaha


Well thank god for scripts, otherwise I’d be the one making this thread.


I find it potentially becomes easier to avoid as you progress (to a point). So in the earlier levels often you’d unlock half the kanji at the start, and the other half after the radical were guru’d.

Now at level 29, and for quite a while, probably 70 - 80% of the kanji are unlocked at the start. I try to get them going quite early on so I know they’re unlikely to hold me up. Then I can focus on the last 6-8 I need to get me over the line.


What would be the point if you could skip some of the Kanji? Kanji that may later become radicals and that you need to master to unlock vocabulary involving the Kanji you find easier.

You’re not going to get anything usable out of this experience if you can read 左 but not 右 at the end of it.

WaniKani is centred on using its wait times/lesson style to identify that your brain has well-absorbed the information before it moves to adding new information; then perpetually reinforces what you’ve absorbed with scarce quizzes in the future. The wait time is a crucial part of burying the information into your brain and verifying that it’s solidified. Unless you’re living in a country and don’t speak the language, the subconscious dismisses lingual studies as pointless information by nature, making learning other languages equatable to pouring water into a colander. No matter what program or regiment you use, it is going to take an exceptional amount of time.

If you’re certain WaniKani is too slow, you can increase your personal study-times so you move faster or pick up a different app. Or you can download a script that lets you ignore wrong answers, which are out there and can be found posted on this forum. It’s your money so you’re free to use the program however you feel, and the tools to cheat are readily-available.

Now if you mean typos, everyone makes those. Again, said cheat-scripts can be used to undo typo-errors. I use the flamingdurtles app and a tampermonkey script to null my typos.

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I know how you feel. I think at the beginning, we’re desperate to progress quickly and we make lots of mistakes that should become rarer as time goes by. Meaning vs reading are the most annoying for me. I also seem to have fingers with minds of their own when it comes to certain syllables, like “ka”.

This morning I missed a kanji - clan vs last name - and my heart sank because I thought it would be the mistake that delays me by a couple days. For once, I got lucky.

However, I’ m trying to level up fast this week to see what’s it’s like and I can already see the massive drawbacks in terms of vocab piling up. If you miss a few kanji in the second batch, you level up later but by that time, you’ve caught up on vocab. This means the next level is easier. Maybe it’s actually good to have a cyclic level-up time: one slower to catch up then one quicker because you’re not drowning in last level’s vocab.

This said, I’ve no previous knowledge at all so to me almost every single lesson is new. If I already knew a lot of the content, I’d get really frustrated and install some scripts!


Welcome to the forum here.

But what good would that do you in the long run?

If you didn’t know an answer and got it wrong - so be it, it is what it is. I’ve gotten things wrong on Wanikani 31,630 times and I’m sure there will be more.

If it’s a typo and you did know the answer and just fat-fingered it… yeah, that’s frustrating for sure. But use that frustration to tell yourself that you just gotta slow your roll and check your answer before hitting the enter key. Only takes a second.

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This is absolutely a good thing to have happen in the final ~15 levels, because things pile up even faster in the fast levels. On the other hand, see my previous post about robbed level-up feels.

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I’ve been leveling up as fast as possible and I refuse to use a cheat script due to the temptation. Instead, I’m just extra careful when reviewing level-critical items (and of course I put more work into memorizing them in the first place). I haven’t missed a single level up due to mistakes since level 1, which was before I started trying. There have been a few close calls though, where I missed one or two kanji reviews. I even missed a radical review once. Luckily, there’s a margin of error since you only need 90% kanji to level (up until the fast levels anyway, which I haven’t gotten to yet).

I do get annoyed when I miss normal reviews due to no fault of my own, especially if it was an Enlightened review. But it doesn’t matter much in the long run.


I mean, you get a fair amount of chances to mess stuff up don’t you? Like if a radical doesn’t have tons of kanji in the same level then it doesn’t matter if you guru it at the same time as the other radicals, so you can mess up some of those, and you have up to 3 kanji to get wrong too.

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