Frustrated but progressing!

Ive been feeling frustrated lately…but still making progress!

I just passed 1000 burned items though and that felt awesome! Whether you complete this in one year, or three, or five I hope your still progressing in your japanese journey.


Good luck!

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What’s frustrating you? That looks awesome, congrats <3

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I feel like my reviews have been worse lately and can tell that my progress is slowing down. My wife and I are buying our first house though and I think a lot of anxiety is coming from that, so here is to hoping that one we close on it that my mental energy will be renewed


And here I am still amazed that I learned 1000 items overall (all stages) :smiley:
Having so many reviews sounds enough to me to be frustrated :frowning:
Anyway good luck with your further journey :star:

thats so awesome :blush:

Looks great! 頑張ってね! :slight_smile:

You are doing great Jay san :slight_smile:

That is what this journey is all about :love_you_gesture:

Ganchoure!! (Inside joke :stuck_out_tongue:) Ganbare! :four_leaf_clover:

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